Splashy Fen – 1995 – Music Festival

One would suppose a music festival like Splashy fen should involve pictures of musicians, instruments and stages and the like.
Me too but, mine don’t.
Although it was a …long… time ago.

1995. SPLASHY FEN was only a CUB!!

You get out of Splashy what you go there for. Enjoyment!!
Everyone has an UNFORGETABLE experience when they visit Splashy.

It’s your own fault if you don’t.

My pictures are unique and from another life. Found in the bottom of the box, but not forgotten, never THAT!

Splashy began in 1990, the brainchild of the Ferraz family, and this is a link to the festival in 2010 and tomorrow in 2011!
BUT PLEASE COME BACK…. and take a look at our collection of unforgettable pics!!

Soon after Breakfast SANGRIA was served at only R2.50 a cup. This post breakfast drink was offered until pre-lunch and then on and on ……..all day long…
The backpack man was seen wandering the camp up until dark!!

1995 Was the year that South Africa hosted the Rugby World Cup, and won. It was the year that Mandela wore a Springbok rugby shirt when he presented the Webb Ellis Cup to Francois Pienaar and the team.

“and the beer I had for breakfast tasted good, so I had one more for dessert…”

So where was the stage??? But music there was….., from possible artists like, Plagal Cadence, Syd Kitchen, Tony Cox and Silver Creek Mountain Band.

CRAZY! Of course we were crazy, we were at Splashy Fen. All the badly informed people who were not there missed out. They knew about the fancy ablutions, or should I say lack of them!

And the nights were cold and dark, so lamps were lit!

Dorien says: Splashy is a stress-free zone.
It’s a perfect decompression chamber for overcivilised people.



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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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