from pets to predators- africa

from pets to predators

….and other animals I met during my many happy years spent living in South Africa.

A friend said to me the other day,

“During our younger years in South Africa we had peaches and cream every day!”
This was true for many of us. Happy times that we thought would never end.

We didn’t think about the future at all really!

For some years we lived in a compact little seaside cottage called Sweetpea and were content. One day we would move on and have a proper house like all our friends.
‘Peaches and cream’ lifestyle spent mostly outdoors in the shade, braai-ing and entertaining when we weren’t at work.

It was there that I met my first wild animal of Africa………

He was not very pretty at all!! What could he be, presuming it was a he?
Since then I have found out that he was a mole-rat.
He took a fancy to our cottage and headed out of the garden, across the patio and straight indoors, with Fluffy, the cat following. She was most confused, giving us the blue eye/green eye slanted look, wondering what “anyone”/”someone” was going to do about it.

She made it quite clear that she was not interferring with this ugly little, almost hairless thing when she sat herself down and looked the other way!

With a bit of coaxing we led him onto the dustpan and deposited him at the furthest point of the front garden from the door, and thought it was all over; until Fluffy began making the weirdest cries for help.
He had come back and was then heading across the diningroom towards the kitchen, bumping into everything in his way.

Once again we took him out the front and watched him, as he turned and faced the cottage, making the same pilgrimage towards the patio.
Sure enough, he headed inside. This time we put him into the back garden and he was happy at last!
He headed away from the cottage, obviously keeping his east to west journey on track.

What a strange little fellow, AND had I known what big teeth he had, I would have been more wary!!
More – to follow-


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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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