from pets to predators – africa 3

When Fluffy came to stay and chatting up a Gecko.

That is ….. so unfair, as bulldogs have been in our family for jonks – much longer than cats.
Friends knew this, visitors were often annoyed by the fact, and our homes were built around them.
Bulldogs came first!
But the day that Fluffy made her entrance was kind of a, “Girls Rule” day.
A kind of, “Don’t tell Daddy.” day.

There was Brucie, this name was the first word our first born baby uttered; not Mama or Dada, no, Brucie!

Then there was a female, Bunty, once a lively romping maiden, who soon became the old matriarch producing beautiful babes.

Or, puppies! Pure bred with fancy names, no less.

Zacharias and Brutus, they were her boys.
Then along came Sheena, a slim “different” looking female with a past worth talking about; a bulldog from the Free State?

To Natalians, the Free State is that place where “sopie kopies” come from. Not bull dogs, far toooo British!

Sorry I forgot that this story is about,

The cat; CAT, CAT, not Dog.

I think it was about springtime, (one never noticed seasons very much in Natal, it is warm, hot or unbearable.)

Doing my school run that day there was one extra passenger coming home. All fluff and hardly any body. Thus the name, it stuck.

Her eyes were huge and different colours. The girls were so excited, they had something they could hold and cuddle; they thought it would be no bother to keep her hidden from three curious dogs. Dad said,
“You’ll come home one day and there will only be a white ball of fluff left on the carpet. Mark my words.”

But as curious as they were, and they did know immediately that something new was up inside closed doors, they didn’t try to go in to investigate.

Once Fluffy had worked out where her sandbox was, on whose bed she slept, and where she ate, she too became curious about them as they snuffled along under the doors, back and front.

At our cottage “Sweet pea” in the evenings, we would sit outside on the veranda as a family, taking in the night air, dogs lying panting on the now cool slasto with the doors to the house wide open and the kitten locked away.

But one such evening Fluffy got out, peeped around the corner of the door, and letting sleeping dogs lie, leapt into the middle of the garden table, where from an excellent vantage point she surveyed her new four legged brothers and sister.

She allowed her tail to swish over the edge of the table and moved it just enough to attract their attention. With squeals from the girls and laughter from Dad, the dogs, then wide awake, began to circle the table. When they tried to get closer to sniff her, near the edge of the table, she spat and showed her claws.

The bravest of the brave, Zacharias, was not going to be put off as he wanted to see who was getting all the attention indoors. He almost got right on top of the table with her, but she let him have it with a sharp claw and he yelped and backed away, blood running down his nose.

I think it was at about that moment when Fluffy became one of the family for real.

The next evening, she walked slowly to the garden table and so each evening after, taunting them to do more than open one eye. When they did sit up or make a move to approach her, she would turn her back, no fear evident.

Fluffy had come to stay, I think they respected her for her bravery!

So did the jellylike gecko’s so common in Natal, who crawled around the walls of the cottage, eating mosquito’s.

From a kitten Fluffy make the strangest sound from her throat as her jaw girated, when she saw a gecko. It sounded like she was chatting to them, a sound I had never heard before, nor since.

Gecko’s are lizard like creatures, predators that no one would kill, because they rid the house of the pesky mosquito’s. But Fluffy spent her youthful years trying to do just that.

Once caught by the cat they discard their tail to escape, she would play with this for ages until it stopped twitching.

Fluffy grew up to be a smooth haired cat, graceful and regal.


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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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