Trivia, Toes and Tiddlywinks

No one I have ever met neither before nor since could make bath time into a special event like my Auntie Violet could.

For this I thank her.

Violet and her girls

I think of her every day of my life as I dry between my toes.
Towelling between the toes must have been meant to take a certain calculated amount of time, as she always knew when you had rushed the job. Back you had to come and start again.

She was master of ceremonies to four little girls sitting in a row in the big bath in Bon Accord bathroom.
During the whole performance, sometimes a circus! From faces, to ears, to bottoms there were no short cuts allowed.

Each time when I would try to make my dripping exit, I was firmly told that I hadn’t finished; or she wasn’t finished with me.

Youthful Violet, Daddy & Mommy

Out in the kitchen, the Golden Girl was clattering the pots and pans into a meal which was always fit for a king (but it had to feed many mouths when two families were holidaying together).
For me that was the climax of the evening, I was always starving!
It was the appetizing aroma of boiled potatoes, carrots and Irish stew that drew me from that water annoying Auntie Violet. Her attractive face would redden and pucker with anger.
“Now, Betty, you’re a bold little girl!”

We were all pink and squeeky clean at the finale!

Then she stayed in charge, so that we weren’t allowed to run around the house or get our selves hot and bothered after ‘the bath’. Rather play a quick game of tiddlywinks on the carpet in the lounge as we waited for dinner, where she could see us all at a glance as she laid the tables.
We were really lucky little girls, we had each other, a big sister and two baby brothers as well; all together for three wonderful weeks each year; if the finances held good. Sometimes there was a two year gap before we visited them in Rhodesia, or before they could make another trip to South Africa.
A family bound by blood, heritage and love. (not in that order!)
This may be the trivia bit; a very understanding Uncle Bob also knew of the importance of bath time to my lovely Auntie Violet, herself, so he waited. The length of him streched out on the couch, overhanging with his six foot some inches, he waited.

It was her time in the bathroom, far from the madding crowd.
A time for indulgence! and to dry between the toes.

Entry for Jennys Alphabe Thursday– letter T


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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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5 Responses to Trivia, Toes and Tiddlywinks

  1. penny Finlay says:

    Oh betty…what wonderful times, I will always remember Aunty Violet for the Bath event, I think she has allowed me to have the license to wallow in water with bubbles, even though I never knew as a little girl, even as a young lady ( was I ever a lady) ne’er mind….she made an impression on me about the bathing procession. What a lovely memoir !!!!!

    • liz2you says:

      Me’ Lady Penny,
      Of course you were (are) a lady!
      Yes wonderful times! When I was inside with the warmth of family around, I never thought of outside; nor needed to. We were protected fed and loved.

  2. Sheelagh Hansen-Violets Daughter for those that don't know says:

    Hi Betty
    you are so right about the bathroom story it was so important to her and she often said as a child she longed for a bath that she could lie stretched out in as they only had an small old zinc bath that you would have to fill with buckets of water. However her passion for a bath worked on our nerves quite a lot as it was always the cause of us walking in late to church every Sunday and other functions which was quite embarrassing. After all the years of training on how to bath and dry between your toes I and my family don’t bath (we just stink!) we all shower a thing that my mother could not stand.
    Thanks for the memories and the effort. Greatly appreciated.
    God Bless and Keep well ‘Till we meet again
    Love Sheelagh

  3. lovely post and good memories!!
    love the photos!

  4. Such terrific story telling here.

    I remember playing tiddlywinks although I haven’t thought of it in years!

    Thanks for a sweet memory!

    And a wonderful link.


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