What it is to be Irish!

What it is to be Irish……

On 364 days of the year, being Irish is no different from being Dutch, Jewish, French, Italian or, yes, even English.
The Irishman pays his bills, complains about taxes, does his work and listens to his wife like the man of any other race. But on the one day of the year, St Patrick’s Day – the Irishman becomes an Irishman.

And on this day …. you have to be Irish to know how it feels!
What it is to be Irish!

The outer signs can ofcourse be seen by all.

He grows a foot taller overnight and stalks the world, a giant!

All traffic lights turn green before him, if they don’t he sees red..

This air of majesty is only token evidence of interior change.

The men of other races who envy the Irishman his bearing on St. Patrick’s Day, would envy him far more if he could look inside the Irishman’s soul.

Extract from:Hal Boyle on St Patrick’s Day

Irish and so proud of it!! I had a great couple of models to follow and learn from.


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3 Responses to What it is to be Irish!

  1. Sheelagh Hansen-Violets Daughter for those that don't know says:

    Happy St Patricks day for tomorrow

  2. Sheila Amatuzzi says:

    Dear Betty,

    Have yourselves a grand day


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