One picture one story – I wanna be a Superhero

Just the three of Us
‘I wanna to be a superhero’

Out of the mouths of babes —- Summer holidays, sitting on a bench in the garden with my grandson wondering what games to play, to keep my many charges happy.

‘Let’s dress you all up with wigs and things, you can sing or act, let’s do a show!’
He began to whine and the face puckered,

‘No, you see, I really wanna be a superhero!’

Oh dear had Gran got it all wrong? were boys so different? it was as if he was out of touch with reality!
You could hear the birds as he sat looking down, squeezing his water balloon this way and that. I moved a little further away, eyeing the balloon. But kept prodding…..

‘Why a superhero, what do they do?’

‘Because,…. they help people!,’ came a bright smiling reply.
‘ people in real trouble, you know,’ the frown was back.

‘So how do they do that?’ Silence. He squeezed down hard on his water balloon, which earlier he had reminded me, sadly, was the last one.

‘They help people to get away from the badies!’ now a smile.
‘and I could help my own friends…..’ with a frown.
‘Know what? I would make huge puddles everywhere for kids to play in and have fun!’

He laughed.

‘Oh wow, that could get a bit messy. What else would you do?’ It was intriguing to find out what this six year old had on his mind.

‘I would make someone else who looked just like me, then he could do all the stuff I have to do, and people would think it was me all the time; like, he could go to school for me!’

‘That is very clever Darling, you could do loads of things if there were two of you. But what would you be doing while the other boy (or whatever) went to school?’

‘I would be helping other people that are in trouble, of course!’ He beamed, his beautiful face a picture, then his water balloon exploded in his lap and we both burst out laughing.

He was soaked, but not too out of touch with what the real world is like, after all, I thought.


About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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2 Responses to One picture one story – I wanna be a Superhero

  1. Shani says:

    Thanks mom i really loved this one. It remindes me of the wonderful son I have, with the best heart ever.

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