Pink Princesses and the Magic Ring

And so, the day came, when the risk to remain in a tight bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom!

Every little girl is born her Daddy’s sweetheart.

Then, one day she grows up, changes and becomes a Fairy Princess all pink and pretty with a magic wand.
She feels completely independant from Daddy, except ofcourse when she needs her school book signed, if she has done well, wants new jeans or a lift to her friends house!
Important stuff.

Dad’s are just so “uncool”!

She meets a fairy Godmother, earns her wings and flies to great heights, noticed and admired by all. She meets loads of other girl freinds.
She wears pink and thinks pink!

Girls love pink. Boys are blue, but boys don’t feature in the independant little girls life.

Soon she begins to giggle a lot, writes secrets in her pink lock up diary and runs away from boys in the play ground just fast enough so that she DOES get caught.

Finding the right outfit for a party is a major undertaking,and shopping with her, is a total nightmare. Love them! We do!

All of a sudden she wakes up one morning, her well worn wings hang behind the door and crown lies ignored on the floor, the “self appointed princess” has resigned!

WHAT NOW! (Dad sighs.)

The most important thing on her mind is something so new and pressing, that she sits straight up in her pink and pretty bed.

She wants to be a bride!

With all the flowers, tiara’s and billowy veils that come attached.
How to get there has to be simple…….. Hey Dad?

No? NO? She could swear Dad was ignoring her.

Like he disagreed, or something?

DAMM, and she so wants to be the bride!!
She wants the aisle, the wedding, the big cake the party and the presents with all the trimmings.
Oh, and bridesmaids (loads of!)
There is of course one little element of the experiment

( Everything in life starts as an experiment, because LIFE is just that) that she has overlooked, and that is, she needs a groom!

Oh yeah! , he’s the one who provides the one thing I totally forgot, THE RING!

Got to have one of those; well I suppose both of those?

They are the important bits! The two main ingredients.

(Don’t forget, LOVE, little ex princess; that’s another real ingredient that will hit you like a hammer.)

Many of our families’ princesses found them ALL and managed to convince the “groom to be” to buy the ring and take a chance with a her!


Shani and Thomas Ferreira married in Rocky Bay, Natal, South Africa in 2002.

The bridesmaids, Bonny, Tammy, Melissa and Christen wore blue.

Malcolm and Penny Finlay-1977-South Africa
Flower girls wore apricot dresses. Very cute and very little!

Dylan and Irma Finlay,

married in March 2012

in South Africa.

Irene and Michael Templer-
1976, Salisbury, Rhodesia

The bridesmaids were Sheelagh and Charlotte and they were in yellow.

Tim and Nicholette Hughes – 1997 – South Africa.

Tammy and Paul Llewellyn, 2005 Wales.
The bridesmaid, Linfer wore burgundy and the groom and the guys wore bugundy ties. A very happy couple left for Egypt on their honeymoon.

Charles and Eleanor Finlay- 1942- Ireland

Charlotte and Uzi Lotan 11 May 1991- South Africa.
The bridesmaid, Bonny was in a blue and pink floral two piece.

Ruthie and Matt Luckett (Jean ‘Finlay’s’Daughter) married in April 2011 in England.

Terry and Sandra Hughes, married in Namibia- 2000.

Lauritz and Sheelagh Hanson married in Rhodesia. 1982


Bonita and Darren Spence married in Amanzimtoti, Natal, South Africa 1996.

Bridemaids and flower girls wore dark green velvet.

Mary and George Coulter of Mallow Ireland.

Patricia and Robert Hughes, married in Pretoria in 1966.

Bridesmaids wore pale Green satin dresses.

Wedding of John and Esther Finlay in 1947, Keighley.

The bridesmaid was Nell Finlay.

Andrew and Vanessa Hughes, married in Cape Town 1998.

Violet and Robert Dimond married in 1946 in Ireland.

Tony and Lindsay Hughes, married in Cape Town in 1999.

Betty and Phil Sorrell married in Hornchrch, Essex on 23th April 2010.

The bridesmaid, Melissa wore silver.

Feel free to let the author know if there is any other bridal couple who deserves a place on the Finlay – Coulter list. If you have the details and material to go with it, let me have them.



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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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6 Responses to Pink Princesses and the Magic Ring

  1. Charlotte says:

    Hi Betty
    This is great.
    I think Mac and Penny are 1977.
    What about Leslie and Karen, does anybody have some photos.

  2. Sheelagh says:

    Awesome Betty
    I was able to get a whole lot of pic’s that will be preserved on now of your side of the family.
    Will have to look out the wedding photo of Les and Karen when they got married the first time…I do have a copy but I was not there for the second time so have no pic’s. When I find it will try and remember to send a copy.
    Keep well and keep up the great work, always enjoy to read.
    Love Sheelagh and the South African Gang

  3. liz2you says:

    I have a few more to add, apart from Les and Karen, one of Sheila Finlay too.
    Everytime I take a break, new ideas come to mind.
    One picture sets it off.

  4. orples says:

    This is a very impressive post, beautifully done, and no doubt time consuming. I really enjoyed browsing through your wedding photographs. I love the fact that you went back several generations. Your did a spectacular job. Please, give yourself a pat on the back, from me. 😉

  5. liz2you says:

    Thanks for dropping by. And your words.

  6. liz2you says:

    Reblogged this on 'Work Out' each Day.

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