Five things I’m Afraid to write about-The Truth – and it did happen.

Post a Day 2011:  5 Things I’m afraid to write about.

Politics Don’t know nor care enough to get it right – You never could.

The worst day of my life – When it did really happen.

The whole truth  – Prefer fiction.

Religion – Someone gets hurt.

The end of the world – as we know it.

(My Challenge is to Pick one of the above and write about it.)

The Whole Truth/When it did Happen

Why don’t we write more about the real things of life.
Shying away from the fact that they exist is only trying to hide.  Yet, the daily grind is all we seem to do, it’s simple. 

Just keep going to stay ahead. No time to think.  Even so, some people’s lives
often revolve around so much emotional turmoil.   But, we don’t have a spare moment to delve deep down into the cranium.

Rare moments like this, for instance, what are you thinking?  Take timeout to analyse.  Meditate. You may be surprised.

When we do have moments like this, in the middle of the night maybe, could we write down what crawls through our minds? What keeps us awake for hours? It’s more often than not, the things we don’t talk about to anyone?


“To wake one night in a vast building of which only one part was my home, my cell of tranquillity and realize that I was the only living breathing mortal within those walls was frightening. Not tranquil at all.
There was no one in the street outside, yet, I could hear them, the sirens, oh No!   What if the world should end and no one told me.   All that had happened that eventful day would be lost forever, no remaining living soul would ever know the real truth. 

Must write! 

If it ended, I’d be alone, die alone – but are we not, all of us alone, when we die? ”

It’s easy to write about awkward moments to sensationalise your everday script, like;
Picking your nose and getting caught by the good looking, single neighbour across the landing.
Dropping your handbag on the bus; horrors, with everyone viewing the contents.                                                                     Or                                                                                               

Filling your car up with fuel at the petrol station, only to find, you left your purse in your jacket pocket at home.                                                                                                         

But all of us, from time to time, have experienced the unmentionables that hurt and destroy our faith or raise us up to certain joyful heights. The balance of nature seems to see to that.  At some chosen moment you are given your own time in the limelight, be it, ever so good, or painful agony.  When it does happen…..Can you write about it?

The thoughts that keep you awake? Your fears or fixations?  Your life?

Can you share them?  Go on, I dare you.

 I can’t.

You may as well, though, as you are awake now!



About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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