Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

Photo Challenge: Possibility 2

It was Boxing Day 2009, the roads were icy and the snow still clung to the scrubby grass tufts by the side of the road.  The question as to whether we should have been out at all was asked.  We were leaving Kildare, and hadn’t reached the hills yet.  The sky was so clear, but a weak sun was making no effort at all to melt the frozen roads.

Picture taken en route, before we came across two cars bogged down in sludge at the side of the road, an ambulance stuck on an incline and another car perched on a wall at the bottom of the hill.

Then a sensible decision was taken, to return home.

This picture, it’s colouring and stuggling light puts the chill right back into my bones, just the way it felt that day.

My curiosty got the better of me; I wanted to stop at the gate at the end of the road to see the house, to know who lived there; but the possibility of what waited for us around the corner was too inviting.


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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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