Time to share, it’s Christmastime


My sister in law, Penny, said to me a few years ago: I want to spend Christmas in the UK just once to experience the unique feeling of a cold Christmas……  and is it unique? 

Yes, so much of it is to those who live in another hemisphere.

The glamorous images on snowy Christmas cards are not what it’s all about, believe me. 

 These pictures only tell part of the story, as nights draw in earlier and earlier.  It’s cozy indoors, but, keep coats at the ready, at all times.

And, yes, truthfully the stunning silence as the snow falls still amazes me. 

During the night it is soft, quiet and so peaceful. 

You wake to a white glow around the curtains, not like daybreak at all.



If you’re lucky!

Last minute Christmas shopping

Snow can start at any time!  

Like this particular day on the run up to Christmas, things turned out nasty, travelling took an hour or two off our day, as we attempted the journey home.  

The warmth you feel inside you, watching a laughing little girl in a wooly hat and gloves on a Christmas card, is the same as …………

Melissa with her tongue out, running around trying to eat snow as it falls!



Traditional lit trees and beautiful front windows in houses, even gardens filled with colourful displays. 

Christmas PJ fashion parade

And these are snuggly, warm and colourful in a different sort of way. I suppose.

Christmas songs ringing out in every shopping mall.  Amazing shop windows!

Then there’s the mulled wine experience in the local pub that warms you from within on a cold winter’s night. 

Or alternately chilling your wine at minus tempretures in the sunshine before Christmas lunch.

This puts a whole different meaning to Champagne on ice

Witnessing the switching on of the village lights in a darkened high street weeks before Christmas; ten, nine, eight, seven, six……, still gives me a lump in my throat as I watch the expectant faces of the little ones, even after 15 Christmas’s.

Oh yes, it is different and unique.

By all means join us this year, Penny! 

We cannot promise snow!

But if not, there is still a certain amount of joy and warmth you can feel from afar for those of you lucky enough to read my wintery Christmas entry and share these images from the past.

Beach Snow Girl


Bon and Mel

Feeding hungry birds

How much?


North Wales






About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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3 Responses to Time to share, it’s Christmastime

  1. That still seemed like a very lovely time!


  2. penny Finlay says:

    HI Betty…
    It still LOOKS so wonderful, so sorry we can’t make it this year, with Dylan getting married an all that, 2012….maybe we keep trying.

    Thanks for this special blog.

    Happy Blessed Christmas to you all !!!

    • liz2you says:

      Hello there on the other side of the world,

      Love to you all this year and next. All the best to the special royal couple!!
      But don’t forget my little Roswyn.

      Maybe next year,
      Betty and Phil.

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