Tenby Tweets, Views and Vibes

To the Pride of the Welsh Dragon:

A Beach it is. A Proper one!

And finally the sun tried to make an appearance.  This amazing place Tenby draws me again and again.

The Young pays homage to the Old. In Flowers.

These ancient walls run through the town as is their right, surrounded by buildings new and old.  The colourful houses of the Welsh, which are painted in pastel shades, were so done, so that fisherman could see their homes as they returned from sea.  

Prince Albert and I consort. Memorial after death-1864.

The Prince consort, beloved husband of Queen Victoria of Britain died in 1861 and the Welsh had this built over looking Tenby in 1864.

Music the magic magnet. Atuned to tone, not fashion!

Dales Music Store, where we purchased a Pink Floyd t shirt and admired the other stock.

This ones for Jim. Thanks a bunch!

The RNLI – life boat sea rescue station was amazing and is run by volunteers.  Read about their work on my link.  There was an inscribed bench there, which may have a story behind it, but no matter, it was a lovely setting.

Busy local, just been fishin’. How’s about a chip, mate!

Don’t you just love them! Annoying or not.

A basket case. Summer or not!

Colour was all around us, willing the sun to shine.  The rain had done it work, plants certainly flourished.

Uniquely colourful houses. Surround an old church?

Below we have the artist, Dorian Spencer Davis’s artistic views on the same. You can order on line.

While on colour and boats…….

There’s a boat coming in. And what a peach!

Clear water, fine sand, the real deal! 

Do pay a visit to TENBY. 


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One Response to Tenby Tweets, Views and Vibes

  1. Debs says:

    I looks like your enjoying your visit – I can only apologise for the weather!

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