The “T” of South Africa

I am going to write my thoughts, the bits and bobs that I remember of how it was for me, during my almost fifty years spent in South Africa.

These are my ‘T’ memories, opinions and views on a time during a much loved childhood and beyond!

This entry is going to be a tricky oneIt won’t be like all the others, A – S!  There is a twist, and mostly, it doesn’t begin with “T”.  However it is about travel and it is about South Africa.

Travelling Crib, Trains, Tribute

In my lifetime

Winchester Castle 1948 Journey

I’ve heard the cries

And the mother’s sighs

The rattle of train wheels, the hum in a car boot

Have you been in the hold of a plane?


I’ve rocked at a party

In the beginning

Rolled on the ocean

Suffered all kinds of emotion.

The Shamrock, my birthplace; but African drums

Still beat in my bodiless frame

 I was natural in colour

Then been blue, white and pink

All dressed up

More colours than you can think

Ribbons and lace, buttons and pearls, satin, tulle and frills

Such thrills, but can’t complain.


I’ve held pretty girls

And boisterous small boys

Been dumped on with overflow toys

The nursery, the bedroom, garage and loft

The nursery and store room again.

Heard lullaby’s too


Bought for a pittance

Highly valued by some

My travels had begun

Let’s just say I’ve been around and seen it all

taken praise and taken blame


Acquired for a reason

To keep baby safe

Cosy and Comfy

A carry cot crib, I was

For six little girls and seven small boys

Related by lineage, but none the same.


From Waterford shores

To Port Elizabeth’s

Then Gumtree, O.F.S.

Sasolburg, Boksburg , Elspark and Primrose Hill

Back in Wales 2012

From Roodepoort , to Florida I came.


I’ve languished in Toti

In Glenrock, near Dublin

Back over the sea’s for me

Now at Trehertbert in Wales, a new baby I greet

Sixty five years complete.

A Tribute to our family crib that has certainly covered some miles since Eleanor and Charles made the purchase which took a huge whack out of the little savings they had put together to travel to South Africa in 1948.



About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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4 Responses to The “T” of South Africa

  1. Anita says:

    sweet memories…

  2. OMG!

    I loved this writing.

    The rhythm and cadence of it was incredibly terrific.

    Loved all the visuals you shared with us!

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


  3. cameron & shani says:

    Hi mom. Love that one. No wonder you held onto those pics. Is that the ship you came over in?

    • liz2you says:

      Yes, of course, the very same. It was still kitted out as a troop ship. So Daddy slept in mens quarters in a hammock. Mommy had to share with a few other ladies and children. The trip took 2 weeks.

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