It is Time

The appearance of red-brown leaves on an uncut lawn. I noticed some more rustling together under the ivy covered fence, quite sneaky!

It is time.  Sunrise needed a nudge this morning, the sun so slow to share it’s light with others.

How beautifully leaves grow old, when not all of us are so lucky.  She did, my Mom.  She would have been a hundred years old this year.  She liked autumn in South Africa and spent the summer of her life in an adapted home, and an adopted country surrounded by autumnal colours. 

Now we have rain tapping on the window pane.  Autumn comes a-knocking.

(This is part of the Satuday Centus for Jenny Matlock) The prompt is highlighted.


About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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15 Responses to It is Time

  1. What an analogy: “How beautifully leaves grow old, when not all of us are so lucky. She did, my Mom”. Beautiful.

  2. Judie says:

    An achingly beautiful piece.

  3. Anita says:

    Beautiful..both the image and the words!

  4. lissa says:

    it’s a sweet piece to celebrate autumn and your mom

  5. Karen S. says:

    Written so beatuifully, the rain tapping on the window brings my most favorite images to mind!

  6. Karen S. says:

    beautifully! 🙂

  7. Sue Anderson says:

    I really enjoyed the way you likened the leaves growing old beautifully to your mom. Lovely.


  8. nimaruichi says:

    A lazy Sun, needing a prod in the ribs….
    Like it

  9. Sunrise needs a nudge.


    What a cool line.

    And such a creative use of this prompt.

    I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing it.

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