The “W” of South Africa

I am going to write my thoughts, the bits and bobs that I remember of how it was for me, during my almost fifty years spent in South Africa.

These are my ‘W’ memories, opinions and views on a time during a much loved childhood and beyond!

Warthog,Winklespruit, Warner Beach, Wildebeest, Walfis Bay, Wham,

Who out there cannot remember a day when you Woke up in a strange place, with bright sunlight filtering through badly hung curtains.  Hey! And you are surounded by packed boxes?

‘Course you can!  You moved house yesterday!

That day when it happened to me, being an early riser, I was excited to walk about in the daylight in the beautiful home we had purchased, whilst everyone slept.  I could wallow in the huge space we were going to have once everything was unpacked and in place and wish we had done this before, not stayed in our cottage beside the sea.

But I didn’t anticipate what would happen as I seached for a teabag and a clean mug in the kitchen boxes.

There was a knock on the patio doors!  Well, not a knock, but a hammering!  It was early and theoretically I was alone.  I drew back the hurriedly hung lounge curtains of the night before and what did I see; a Warthog!

No, we had not relocated to the African bush!

But to Scottburgh, Kwazulu-Natal.

He was the next door neighbours pet warthog

We have pets like this in South Africa? 

No, definately not, normally.  The previous home owners had fed him tit bits and left over bread, so he had arrived for his normal breakfast.  A habit we soon stopped.  A Warthog was not high on my breakfast priorites list, I had three girls, three bulldogs and two cats, not to forget a husband to feed.

This warthog was an even stranger fellow than normal, as he only had three legs, a rescue pet.  They are not pretty animals, the male has two pairs of tusks and two pairs of warts below his eyes.

Heading towards Durban, capital of Natal,  from Scottburgh, you pass Winklespruit and Warner Beach, where I lived in the 1990’s.

How places get there names always fascinates me, and Winklespruit is no different.  You thought as I did that it was to do with the sea and fish. Winkle as in shellfish, but no.

On May 10, 1875 the schooner ,Tonga which was carrying wares for Durban was wrecked here. The sailors not wanting the cargo to go to waste set up a store on the river bank and sold the water damaged goods.   In Afrikaans ‘winkle‘ means, shop and ‘spruit’ means stream.  Thus the area was always remembered as, Winklespruit.

And a picture view of Warner Beach.

If we can get away with wild flowers, as a W for flowers we will!  There are those a-plenty in South Africa.

These are Cosmos and a special favourite of mine, not for picking, but for walking through, admiring or painting.

Another wild thing is the Wildebeest, they roam the open grasslands of South Africa in large herds of up to 50, and are known to be targetted by all, from the lions, to crocodiles and humans.  So they stick together!

 They always remain close to water supplies, grazing in the morning and late afternoon, and resting in the hot sun in between.

Resting when the hot sun was up, if only we could have done it every day; but we are not talking Mexico now!

One New Year I remember the weather was absolutely perfect for an all night party outside in the garden.  A party that lasted till daybreak; then all the  people who were still awake went down to the beach.  It was 5.00am and the sun shone bright and hot by then!

On the way down from the hill, the VW Combi belted out this song from Wham, Wake me up before you Go Go.


And that is all there is time for tonight; thanks for reading my memories of South Africa Entry this week!


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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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One Response to The “W” of South Africa

  1. Winklespruit captured my imagination!

    I can’t imagine walking through fields of Cosmos.

    I love that flower!

    This was a wonderful post! I liked all the different things you showed us this week.


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