Let the Count Down Begin- 5 December 2012

Its amazing how the holiday season, Christmas, in South Africa, the UK as well as the USA have very different meanings and priorities, if compared one to the other.wreath

The festival is around the Christ child.  The celebration of his birth and life.  Having family and friends around, being together, loving and the giving of gifts springs to mind.

Priorities in shops in USA are around bringing Christmas forward to a July start, so that they can maximise on income from the public.

Harrods in London opened their Christmas department this year during July too, in time for the Olympics?  Why?  Maximise on profit.


Our theory  in my chain of Charity retail shops is that: we are forced to start selling for Christmas at least by the end of September , early October, or we won’t make enough profits to support the families and patients we fund raise for, a free of charge service.  Important people, our patients with life threatening  illnesses who need our care.

Winter weather December 5th

Today the sleet began to fall on my car as I left for work at 5.45am.

Today I heard a wonderful Christmas carol on the car radio.

Today Christmas began for me, personally.

Today I thought of all those I know far away and became emotional.

Priorities in my home at the moment are focussed around the visit of family from afar this year (from South Africa), being together, the giving of gifts, sharing fun and laughter.  Getting to know them again.

Can’t wait!!

Today was the first day of the rest of my life!



About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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One Response to Let the Count Down Begin- 5 December 2012

  1. Charlotte & Uzi Lotan says:

    What a lovely post today ! Yes, I also think about the family around this time of year. Alas…I no longer have my red dressing gown that I used to wear in Gezina, and dress up with a beard and hand out the gifts to the little ones…….when they were still little. ! Singing Christmas carols in the Church choir was one of my favourite times….Vicki Wright trained us well.

    Lots of love Charlotte

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