Let the Count Down Begin- 9 December 2012

It’s Christmas-Just because it is that time of year doesn’t mean it’s all shiny and special and squeeky clean, with baubles, frills and coloured lights. decorations

Well not all the time, anyway!

Washing machine decided to give us a scare yesterday, well, it didn’t know it was Christmas and that there was a countdown going on. 

Could be the excuse; but everyone knows it is Christmas, or should by now, every advertisement on radio and TV relates to it! 

Washing machine full of water and washing- pump not working.

(old way- wring washing- not happy!)

New belt will take 5 days to arrive!

Check existing belt number- belt is not broken only slipped off.

(should have done that in the first place-not happy!)

Load  curtains ready for spring clean before the family from South Africa decend.  Getting excited.

It’s Christmas again!

Hole in bathroom ceiling needs repair, but its late and have had a long day.  You are right, I am not repairing it tonight…..

He is…..without support tonight……I need to rest my brains before they go to work tomorrow juggling managing the manager, opening new shop, board report, another driver phones in sick and the shop in Sidcup has a blocked toilet!! 

Traffic is manic; all the Lemmings going to Lakeside shopping!  If the wind keeps up the QE bridge might close…..


New shop open!  Ahhhhhh…! Beautiful! 

It’s Christmas again.Blizzard

And as if you haven’t heard enough!

“The Beast from the East” is expected to disrupt our lives from Monday in London area. 

Siberia is sending snow and cold….. Brrrrrr


But Hey Ho, it’s Christmastime!!!!!!



About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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