Time Travel Total Reverse – South Africa

Back in time

No fancy car like Michael J Fox and Doc Brown, that magically takes you ‘Back to the Future’. Time Travel.  No hot tubs, trains nor phone booths to see you on your way.  But visit with me, just for a day, using only the Power of Grey Matter, mine.

Scottburgh-Just for one Day

It is early on Tuesday morning, too early for some.
I sit staring at the rolling waves far out, that come foaming up the wide beach.

scottburgh night

I often go to the beach in the morning and watch the sun rise up out of the water from the other side of the world, excited by the possibility of something new and challenging, not deceitful or immoral but a diversion.


On this day the deep waters are not troubled and lap and froth across the rocks,  I think about the possibility of changing boxes in my mind.  The rush of blue water up the beach is followed by a lull, you hear it,  although there is no sound, then the rush and lull again.

A big ball of light hangs above the Indian ocean where a couple of sufers bob on surfboards waiting for a wave.  Soon the sun totally obliterates any view of the horizon. Dark, almost silhouetted figures of two early morning strollers pass along the waters edge.

Scottburgh Beach

Being closer to nature there, I like watching the sea gulls swoop low over the water, squabbling over pickings they’ve found left by fishermen on the rocks.  All this helps untangle the thoughts that are in a whirl in my head.

sea gulls

I sneaked out early to be alone with my self, alone with this beautiful place.  Alone is important to me.  Never seeing more than the odd surfer, jogging past with a board under the arm, or a couple of Indian fisherman go by, chatting  quietly with smelly cans of bait and rods.


The sun grows warm on my head and arms, but the breeze off the water lifts the hair from my face.

More elderly strollers appear down the pathway passing the Golden Grill, and some others are wandering off home to get out of the heat of the day.  I realize that it is time to get back home myself, to life. Scottburgh Beach 2

There is a lot to be said for a busy city lifestyle.  It keeps one out of trouble.  Helps to keep a balance.  Routine thats what it is.

cutty sark beach

All my thoughts safely tucked away in their private places, I head for home. Scott Street is already buzzing with early morning traffic, mostly on foot. Schools have reopened for a new term all over South Africa.


Another holiday is over for many.  And I’ve been on the beachfront once again, and forgotten the time!

For more  Time Travel.


About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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