Time Travel – “See beneath your Beautiful” – South Africa

“See beneath your beautiful”- Drakensberg Mountains

It was all change for me that day, exciting, positive and different.  It was the start of a new opportunity, mine alone.  She was still sceptical on this one.  Not me, I was calm and confident.  Having things perfectly planned, I said, this is the way to go;  must have a plan! 

Drakensberg D

At the bottom of the hill I joined the road up into the mountains; driving the open bakkie, I swung a left onto the old Kamberg road, away from the lake towards Sipho’s minibus stop. 

This place was now my home; I opened the window and relaxed.


There was a tarred road now, for most of the way, with narrow dirt shoulders often falling away at a steep gradient into the thorn trees and undergrowth both sides which spread out to tracts of woodland and open grassland.  The sky was blue and the sun was shining. Great!   

martial eagle 3

 Soaring high above the trees in the blue sky I could see an eagle.  Not a fish eagle, they are too lazy to soar like that.  Probably a martial eagle, searching for a late breakfast. They feed on guinea fowl and hares or maybe even a small monkey from the forest, was on the menu today.  Poor little devil!  They spot from a distance and attack with speed. 


It was scorching already, and  it was only seven.  Late start for me!  But the logistics were new and untested and the right timing would soon fall into place.  Sipho was going to make a great assistant.  He was out of work and money was tight. It had been his co-incidental good luck that it was all change for me as well today!

Drakenberg D 2

My arm-hairs were beginning to singe with my elbow out the window and it was only November.  As I rounded a bend in the road running next to the start of natural forest; way off in the distance, were the Drakensberg mountains, with a belt of white mist hovering above the darker green trees.

Beautiful!  Not a care in the world,  just like me.

Drakensberg A

Ag well, ja!  O.K.  She was a worry.  She was bored.  It was beginning to feel like somewhere I’d been before.   She was hard work, my baby, but I loved her.  She was a woman of a complex variety like her mother.    It could be in the genes.

Jeans! No jeans today; shorts from now on mate!  I shouted to the passing vegetation. The crossroads came up suddenly, I pulled the bakkie over to the side of the road sharply and scanned the top of the bushes.  Above the ferns and vegetation line, the sky was  alive with butterflies and disturbed moths taking flight.  Sorry! 

Sani Pass

There was a strong not too pleasant hum of animal droppings lifting into the air as a noisy continuous twitter came from the roadside vegetation where the babblers searched for insects and seeds.  They forage together, even build and share nests. 

Makes me think of her again.  Could I leave the nest?

Drakenberg C

The beige VW Combi stopped across the road creating a haze of dust which hung over the road like a cloud.  After much shuffling of seats, some passengers getting out and some back in; Sipho emerged from behind the bus, with his brilliant white smile and a wave of his hand, clutching a carrier bag, his lunch, in the other.  I smiled back.  Two happy men!

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    Thanks, but not by this spectacular photographer!

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