Knysna. Knys-Nice! South Africa

“I write of South Africa, where my heart sometimes resides, and my mind often drifts back to, across the distance of lands and oceans. An Africa that always beats with a strong heart of different people, languages and cultures, who irrefutably call this land their home.”South Africa

From – Jeffery’s Bay, staying on the Indian Ocean, it is only 198 km to Knysna. K for Knysna.

On the way to Knysna you will travel through the Tsitsikama National Park, remember Storm’s River?  And before that you will pass, (or could stop at) Plettenberg Bay.  We will be a considerable way along the Cape Garden Route, by the time you reach Knysna.

knysna view

This view from the ocean, shows the huge expanse of water around which Knysna is built.  The town is  built mostly on the northern shore of a large warm-water estuary, fed by the Knysna River. The estuary opens to the ocean after passing between two large headlands.

Knysna Lagoon

As far back as 1787, Knysna estuary gave shelter to as many as 50 ships.  Timber was an export from this region, due to large forest areas.

A Norwegian family, Thesen, played a considerable role in the development of Knysna from 1869 onwards, Charles Thesen founded and expanded the family timber and shipping business there.

Knysna Heads

Some of the local residents might say, sadly, ‘ it is a huge tourist area now’; but if they are not prepared to share somewhere so beautiful, they would be selfish!  International visitors are buying homes in Knysna.

Knysna Train

There are holiday steam trains in South Africa to many destinations, and the Garden Route was one. The “Outenique Choo Tjoe”; but sadly since storm damage in 2006, this train no longer runs, as there are no the funds to do the repairs.

And who can resist this one legged captain!  Had to share him!

Knysna boat

The garden route of the Cape is a wonderful honeymoon destination.  There are so many different and exciting things to do together. Visit  the Cango Caves which are amazing. 

Cango Caves

Based in Knysna, you are not too far from the Ostrich farms at Outshourn, 108km away, where riding an Ostrich is good fun!   

Riding Ostrich

Honeymooners might like this one.  It must top the charts; how about staying in a tree house!  

There is self catering.  Or Luxurious.  Below is a picture of the self catering accomodation in the trees.  If you want to be served, go for the luxurious!

Tree house

But there are loads of ‘back to normal places’ to stay too. Follow this link to accomodation of all kinds. 

Or simply stay by the ocean, always my choice! 

 knysna lagoon 2

That’s all for this week on Jenny’s Alphabe Thursday, letter K.


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9 Responses to Knysna. Knys-Nice! South Africa

  1. Eveline Mc Nally says:

    Keep it up Betty enjoying these little titbits they will soon be a memory for me also, leaving the end of February for Dubai for two weeks then on to the UK to find somewhere to live so i will be seeing you soon hopefully.!

  2. Erin says:

    wow these photos are amazing!! Looks like a really beautiful place. I love the cave picture. And riding an ostrich – never seen that before! 🙂

  3. domesstique says:

    Now we’re talking! I am jealous 😉 What a gorgeous place. I love the ostriches, too .

  4. vidyatiru says:

    🙂 wow is all i can say and thanks for the peek into this place.. love the photo of the train and am sure the tree house will be fun to stay

  5. Wow from me too, I love the look of this place

  6. Anne says:

    I love all the beauty you shre! Fun and luxury all wrapped up in one amazing place! I would love to see this one day! Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your week!

  7. I love all the pictures you shared but the rusty boat with the pelican is particularly charming to me!

    The name of this place reminded me of Welsh city names. How fun!

    Thank you for linking.


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