Time Travel- Freedom for Toes! South Africa

There’s a hint of Jasmine in the air.

flip flops I’m dreaming of sandals. Dreaming of releasing my toes to wiggle in the warm grasses on the back lawn of an east rand house near Johannesburg, beside a rippling pool.

Swimming Pool
Those days when you had time, at your leisure, to have a dip anytime, but could never be bothered as it was easier to sit; wiggle your toes and sip from a chilled glass.

white wine

Dreaming of a clear blue Sunday sky, birdsong, a hint of jasmine in the air, while dogs lie panting on the slasto patio. Yes, and there’s a smell of a braai fire too, in it’s infancy, ready to crackle a welcome to friends on their way.

braai food
Salad’s, garlic potatoes, bread rolls and snacks developing in the kitchen, don’t seem like a chore. Chilled in body and mind.


Dreaming of opening umbrellas, preparing garden tables, lazily rubbing coconut sun screen on as protection from the fierce rays that will beat down now until sunset.


DREAMING!  Must be dreaming!  Could I have Nature Deficit Disorder!

grass flip flops

Dreaming of sandals and ‘freedom toes’ wriggling.

Flip flops! 

Not half price Boots on Sale in Essex!

flip flops 2

Dreaming of glistening water in a pool.  Crystal clear!

Not streaming water down my windscreen on the way to work!

House and pool 2

Dreaming of bright sunshade umbrellas on green lawns.

Not black umbrellas in a dismal street in London!


Too, too, soon in the year, I’m dreaming of Sandals Cozzies and Braai’s!

Too, too, far away for feeling the grass between the toes and the warmth on my face.

Too, too sad. 


But there’s a hint of Jasmine in the air!!

For more Time Travel.


About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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