“What’s in a Name” – Be my Guest- South Africa

Guest No 2

Mandy is an Essex girl with a great sense of humour and taste in men; She lived in SA for 39 years, and loved it!

Mandy is an Essex girl with a great sense of humour and taste in men; She lived in SA with her husband for 39 years, and loved it!

Their farm was in Walkerville, South Africa near Vereeniging, where they brought up their four children. They are back in the UK now, although most of the family have chosen to stay in South Africa.  


Mandy’s story today, goes back many years to when the family first moved to the farm and she met a lady from a neighbouring farm.  Their children would be attending junior school together and had to catch the rickity old school bus on a dirt road that ran between their farms.  

These mothers met at the side of the road.

They introduced themselves:  The neighbour said that she was Mrs Chicken; and they had a real giggle when she said her maiden name had been Partridge.  But they giggled even more when Mandy said she used to be Miss Fry, but was married to Mr Kettle! 

Walkerville 2

They became firm friends from that day.

One day they decided to join the local flower club at a Womans Club, it was bad enough getting there a little late as the speaker had already started. But when they were asked their names………

“Mrs Chicken” and “Mrs Kettle”, it didn’t go down very well!   And they were told not to mess about, but to give their proper names! More giggles…….

Ostrich Egg

Mandy tells of a day: Mrs Chicken, who had a sister living in Jersey, bought an Ostrich egg for a present.  She wrapped it and proceeded to post it to Jersey.  

The Postmaster looked at her and said…”I can’t send that!”…

“Why not?” said Mrs Chicken.

He said: “The Postmaster in the UK will think it contains a bomb.”

“Dont be stupid,” she said…”I’ve written on the parcel and said whats inside!”

“That’s just the trouble!” said he. “One ostrich egg addressed to Miss Partridge from Mrs Chicken!”

Those were wonderful stories! 

Mandy is real fun friend to know, who brightens the room with her smile when she enters.  She loves a party and is first on the dance floor and of course still the light of Bill’s life! South Africa is poorer since she left, I’m sure; but I am glad she did, otherwise we would never have met, although we had lived 60 kilometers from each other in South Africa for over 10 to 15 years, without our paths crossing.

Thank you for being my guest today Mandy!

We look forward to more of the same!

This is part of my new series called: “Be My Guest”



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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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One Response to “What’s in a Name” – Be my Guest- South Africa

  1. Shani says:

    Great story Mandy. Meeting up on a farm road with those names would be a giggle and a half.

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