See Rosendal through Rautenbach- South Africa

South Africa“I write of South Africa, where my heart sometimes resides, and my mind often drifts back to, across the distance of lands and oceans. An Africa that always beats with a strong heart of different people, languages and cultures, who irrefutably call this land their home.”

From Plettenburg Bay in the Eastern Cape province, we travel 917 kilometres towards a very unusual little town in view of the Malutie mountains in the province of the Orange Free State:  Rosendal.

(All pictures are images taken from the Artist Wim Routenbach’s paintings.  He lives in Rosendal and has an art gallery there called Stallery)

Rosendal boasts 61 full time residents, many unusual shops and a magnificent antique shop.  But more importantly, is the fact that art galleries dominate the town.  So if this is your fixation.  Get over to Rosendal!

This has become a popular tourist destination, surrounded by mountains, with some spectacular scenery.

Wow!  I just love this one below.

When you visit Rosendal, the Rosa Restaurant not only serves good food, but once a month they have a dinner/theatre.  If you pick the last weekend of the month.  The theatre has been running for 10 years and can seat 120 guests.

You have to have been there to be able to smell the dust from that dirt road.  I can!

The town was founded in 1908, a farming community initially, and is 43 kms from Ficksburg.  Often known as Rosendal-Mautse.  Because the nearby township of Mautse is linked; they are a proud community of people still sticking to the old apartheid era.  

Bet these are gum trees; I remember them well, when I lived near Ficksburg, many moons ago.

Rautenbach 2

The seaside is a long way from Rosendal, but as I love water and found this painting, we had to have it.  It is so totally different from all the others, a change of mood.  I think it is called ‘footprints’ .  You can visit the gallery by appointment only, and will find Wim assisting young artist with a basic training.

Rautenbach 5

Hope you enjoyed this week’s visit to Wim Rautenbach’s gallery in Rosendal! 

This is part of Jenny’s Alphabe Thursday Challenge- Letter R.


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2 Responses to See Rosendal through Rautenbach- South Africa

  1. Colline says:

    I enjoyed looking at the paintings.

  2. This artwork is quite Remarkable…

    And this was a Really Refreshing post for the letter R…

    Amazing job….


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