“Be my Guest”- Scottburgh- South Africa

Guest No 3#

Tammy's Special memories of Scottburgh

Tammy’s Special Memories of Scottburgh

What a place to grow up.
I suppose everyone has good memories of their childhood, but for me there are plenty more than only one or two and that’s all down to Scottburgh.

Scottburgh Beach

Maybe it’s ‘rose tinted’ glasses but when I think of Scottburgh
I think of summer holidays – warm seas, hot sand and freedom.
Freedom to spend everyday lying in the sun with my friends by the lifesaving club, eating warm rolls and hot chips from Beach Stores; buying one glass of guava juice between four of us and outstaying our welcome in Wimpy’s air conditioning.


I can’t visit the Scottburgh that I remember, not only because I live in Wales now, but because when I visited the last time there was a group of kids on OUR spot on the beach, making their own summer memories.

scottburgh night

But it will always be OUR place; in my mind.



Part of “Be My Guest

 This also part of Jenny’s Alphabe Thursday Challenge- Letter ‘S’


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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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10 Responses to “Be my Guest”- Scottburgh- South Africa

  1. Pondside says:

    What a wonderful place to grow up! It looks quite storybook-like. It’s true that we can’t ‘go back’ ….thank heavens for memories.

    • liz2you says:

      When we return, it is often smaller than we remember. But hey, let’s stick to time travel! Thanks for reading. Liz

  2. Can I borrow your rose tinted spectagles please that place looks awesom
    Happy Easter

  3. Nora says:

    Lovely *S* post – great photography and memories! Pity we can’t always “go back” and find places the same!

    Wales is lovely though – was there last week (hope you’re not snow-bound!)

    Have a great Easter weekend,

    Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday

  4. Lovely memories. We can’t stop progress. 🙂

  5. what a great post! lovely memories of a beautiful place!

  6. How beautiful! The beach line with warm weather is 20 min. away from me -I feel spoiled:) That you may spend many days in Scottburgh!

  7. How neat is that to be able to See others Sharing the Spot that was Such a huge part ofyour childhood…

    Spectacular post for the letter S…

    Thanks for linking.


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