Time Travel-The Transporter- South Africa

No fancy car like Michael J Fox and Doc Brown, that magically takes you ‘Back to the Future’. Time Travel.  No hot tubs, trains nor phone booths to see you on your way.  But visit with me, just for a day, using only the Power of Grey Matter, mine.

‘Living Doll’ by Cliff Richard and The Shadows, once known as The Drifters was made popular in 1959, when I was twelve.  Today if I hear this tune……

It was 1959

This was the age when kids began to need something new to cling to.  Youth were evolving, bursting out of the chrysalis ready to fly from behind mothers skirts. 

I had bought a Cliff record. A seven single, my first ever!

Cliff 2

How lucky we were, that the 1960’s were just around the corner, the birth of a new stirring amongst the youth. A time to let your hair down, go with the flow!

Pete Townsend, from ‘The Who’ said:

“By and large, the past two generations have made such a colossal mess of the world, that they have had to step down and let us take over”
I wasn’t quite ready for that exactly at twelve; but played my Cliff record over and over whenever there was time and I was allowed to; mostly Saturdays.

When I hear that song now, I am transported back to a little sitting room with the 9 x 12 carpet square, an old tan three piece suite; against one wall the radiogram took pride of place; and the heavenly smell of Mommy’s shortbread wafted into the room.  She baked on Saturdays, chocolate cake, ginger bread, shortbread and scones.
As a family, we lived in Bon Accord outside Pretoria, in South Africa, before we moved into town to our Gezina home. This was so far outside of ‘known civilization’ that we had hardly any neighbours, no post delivery, no proper bus service and no telephone. (and no inside loo!)

We didn’t allow this to influence our lives at the time, but I suppose it did in a good way.  Making us so much more appreciative of beautiful things when they came along.  But we belonged and we were loved.   Dad was a flour miller and we lived in view of his three year old mill.  Our home was functional, we attended school on a school bus and drove the same 10 miles to attend Sunday School and church every week.
We played in the church garden at St Mary’s in Pretoria North after Sunday school , waiting for Mommy and Daddy to come out of church, listening to the lilting sound of the closing hymn, ‘Fight the Good, fight’, one that was pleasing to my ears and I hummed along too.

Later, as the sunday roast sizzled in the oven, and Mommy peeled the vegetables, I would ask if it was alright to play my record;

Livin’ Doll by Cliff Richard.

That was sound!

(For entry into Daily Prompt: The Transporter

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.)


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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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4 Responses to Time Travel-The Transporter- South Africa

  1. joanfrankham says:

    I think my family’s home in west cork in the late 50s was very similar to yours in rural Pretoria.

    • liz2you says:

      Hi Joan,
      It probably was! With a mother from Mallow, Cork and a Dad from Limerick, it probably was! They were both born in Dublin, and me in Waterford. They never lost their accents, and our home was always Irish!!

  2. sg1trekwars says:

    Interesting read–I love people’s stories and their experiences all aorund this world. ~k~

  3. TBM says:

    Sunday roast sounds wonderful.

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