Umbrellas- Take Shelter- South Africa

It’s Essex England and it’s raining again!

It’s the rain, and then snow, now the storm clouds appear.   But of course it is April, not to forget ‘April Showers’; which are the norm they say!


Umbrella Tree

This is the well known Umbrella tree, Musang Cecropioides.  Natural shade, and if it rains, as it does in Africa, proper rain!  Take shelter.

take shelter

And if you are on the way home, take shelter!


And if rain arrives at an inapropriate time- take shelter!

Goats take shelter too

Goats on an ‘Away Day’ in Kenya!


Yes it rains all around the world, if we are lucky!


And some not so prepared!

Taking shelter 2

The umbrella tree could have saved him!  If he was in Africa!


That was the ‘U’ entry on Jenny’s Alphabe Thursday Challenge/


About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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6 Responses to Umbrellas- Take Shelter- South Africa

  1. joanfrankham says:

    love the photos, especially the animal umbrella!

  2. love this post (am originally from Holland so I know that the rain can catch you while unprepared! Those two people under the bridge -kinda cute:)

  3. I love the goats taking shelter picture. And the boys under the bridge.

    What a fUn wander through the rain!

    Thanks for the smile.


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