No Never Common! – South Africa

“I write of South Africa, where my heart sometimes resides, and my mind often drifts back to, across the distance of lands and oceans. An Africa that always beats with a strong heart of different people, languages and cultures, who irrefutably call this land their home.”South Africa

Have you something “in common” with me, bloggers?

I got to thinking, could I use this word ‘common’, what does it mean?  General, Ordinary, never that! 

Not South Africa! 

But the dictionary also reads, ‘shared by’ and ‘belonging to all’.  Now that is better!

In my travels as a blogger I have come across quite a few who share my passion, by being born there, lived there or travelled from another place.  People I can share with and know there will be a reaction.  A little twinge of the heart, perhaps!

Meet some of my new blog friends, go across and read their experiences in the continent and country we have ‘in common’. 

But first I’ll share some comments they have left over time:

  1. My gosh, this post has bought tears to my eyes! Thank-you for sharing, it holds an important message for all us.



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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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