Be my Guest-Yesterday- South Africa

Be My Guest #5

Andy, my nephew, lives in Fishoek, Cape not far from Simonstown, with his wife and two children.

Andy lives in Fish Hoek, Cape not far from Simonstown and Cape Town, with his wife and two children.

It was only yesterday, as Andy drove along Chapmans Peak drive, heading home, that he came across this beautiful sunset begging to be photographed.  A beautiful part of Cape Town, and his caption on facebook reads:

Sunset by Andy, thanks

” I don’t often drive on this side of Cape Town at this time of day.  I Love Cape Town!”

“Chapmans Peak drive is a toll road, this is to cover the costs of fixing the roads when rocks fall. However its also one of the main tourist routes, thus regular income for the city. This picture is taken looking across the bay towards Hout Bay.”

“I love Cape Town”  It is 2013 and yesterday….

Sunset  by Andy

And it was 1995.- But feels like yesterday  when I was there.  I paid a visit to Greenmarket square in Cape Town.  One of those markets that holds your interest, forcing you to go around again and again ,until you absolutely have to buy that picture or piece of jewellery.  It is set in a cobbled stone square, always alive and busy and well worth a visit.

Green Market Square was the actual market dating back to when the sailors were trading their wares.  The Cape of Good Hope was a stopover for ships to replenish their fresh food stock.  The Dutch East India company had instructed that  vegetable gardens be planted after 1652. 

green market

It was 1948.- Many yesterdays ago, an  ex troop ship, but named, Winchester Castle landed in Cape Town, carrying Andy’s mother, a little girl of three.

Winchester Castle 1948 Journey

Winchester Castle 1948 Journey

Her parents had chosen to emigrate to South Africa, travelling and living in many towns and cities.  But she returned and settled in Cape Town with her own family.

A Cape Town my nephew, Andy loves and photographed yesterday

Table Mountain

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4 Responses to Be my Guest-Yesterday- South Africa

  1. Pam Beers says:

    I would never have thought to even visit Cape Town. Just goes to show you how narrow my horizons are. Such a gorgeous place. What incredible pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. liz2you says:

    Thanks Pam!

  3. I was really mesmerized by the second picture.

    What an astonishing capture.

    This is such a gorgeous place!


    I loved visiting and seeing what you were sharing today!


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