Be my Guest- “A hairy Story”- South Africa

Guest  No. 6#

Charlotte was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  She now shares her life with her husband in Israel. They met and married in Johannesburg.

Charlotte was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She now shares her life with her husband in Israel. They met and married in Johannesburg.

I asked Charlotte to “be my guest” on my South Africa blog, as she had lived much of her life there. 

All that’s needed is a photo and a story/one memory.  She mentioned an old family story from the past as her contribution from her memories, although I know she has loads more……  here goes….. 

Who was your role model in life?

I want to have my very own barber’s shop!!’

First Haircut

For this picture I thank The Etsy Shop.

Possibly that is what Charlotte’s brother thought as he sat on the plank in 1957 across the arms of the barber’s chair in Potchefstroom, South Africa.   His first real haircut? He must have been almost three then, but already a budding apprentice electrician; a great little man with a screwdriver. He found out that bees lived inside plug sockets and was not very happy about it, because they stung him!

He wanted to know how things worked on the other side; on the outside; on the inside; and the backside, maybe this is why he put his head through the uprights on the back of the dining room chair and got it stuck!

Head Stuck

This was serious stuff; today they would have called the paramedics and fire brigade.  He was crying so much and wasn’t happy when Mommy tried to calm him down by saying:

“Daddy’s coming home now, Daddy will fix it, you’ll see, with the saw.”

I think the fear of the saw got his head out in the end.

But back to the barber shop….

He might have thought that day, when there was a quiet moment, after getting home from town, that he would try his hand at a new job. On the side veranda in Kolbe Street, Potchefstroom, he positioned one of the garden chairs, found a plank in the garden and put it across the arms of the chair then set out to find a victim.  Ha ha!!


Charlotte’s favourite toy, Teddy! He was really fluffy, being the long haired variety and could do with a haircut. Thank goodness Charlotte managed to rescue Teddy before he was unrecognizable and totally embarrassed by his nudity in front of the whole toy box community.

Scarred for life, he was.

worn bear

Thanks for this photo goes to Vectis Sales

Charlotte jokes today, that she was too; that she has never recovered from the trauma!  But her face does light up with a smile of joy when she says it, so I am sure she has forgiven him!

And Today?  No, little brother isn’t a barbar, maybe he too was scarred for life.  Charlotte was bigger than him then!

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4 Responses to Be my Guest- “A hairy Story”- South Africa

  1. Oh my word. The scarred for life Teddy looks exactly like mine. I was given my Teddy the day I turned one… he is now 48 years old! 🙂

  2. shani lea says:

    Funnily enough I am reading this right now while sitting in the barbar shop waiting for Cameron to be shorn giggling to myself. Sorry Chalotte I do feel for your bear.

  3. Malcolm says:

    Ag, he probably needed a haircut anyway.

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