Crafty and Colourful- Cape of Good Hope- Click!

So many pictures. So much beauty. Let’s travel the trails of the fabulous South Africa, a country not without it’s scars. Here people cling to hertitage and homelands with a devoted passion. Why? Because it’s absolutely worth it! there are so many stories behind the camera lens.

C for “Cape Town”

View from the top

Cape Town was, before the Johannesburg Gold Rush,  the largest city in South Africa; it nestles beneath the Table Mountain.  Loved by all; residents, ex pats and tourists alike; it is the first place anyone in the world thinks of, when you say the words “South Africa.” 

Capetonians are proud of this and their city!  And so they should be!

V and A Waterfront 2

What makes it colourful, is not only the history, but the markets too.  Afterall, it was Cape Town’s first role: a market for sailors!  A stop over to refresh food supplies.

food markets

The markets on V&A Waterfront, selling gifts and curios await.  Who doesn’t seek out a market on holiday! 


The Old and the New

V and A Waterfront Market

One stall to look out for is Sol Art Pewters,  an African design range of beautifully hand crafted pewter, 100% lead free and food safe.  A family business of crafted cutlery and carving knives and look at him!

Sol art Pewter

The stall below can be found on Green Market square, down town in Cape Town.


I love the range of colours in the beads below!  My absolute favourite is the black one fouth from the bottom on the right.

A bead or two

And when you are ‘all shopped out’, their are so many choices of where you can go to eat.  Around town and down by the V&A Waterfront.  You could sit on the front and see the last rays of the sun across the water sipping a great Cape Wine.

CapeTown Waterfront

This is my entry for Alphabe Thursday over at Jenny’s page… letter “C”


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4 Responses to Crafty and Colourful- Cape of Good Hope- Click!

  1. This is such a vibrant post full of wonderfull things . Bet an hour spent there could do serious damage to a bank account

  2. liz2you says:

    Too right! All those little ‘must haves’ that clutter your shelves when you get home. And I am a hoarder! Thanks for comments.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience♫ The city does look quite inviting! My C effort:

  4. Wow… What a cool place to visit!

    I love collecting crafty little items from my adventures too!

    Clever post for the letter “C”!

    Thanks for linking.


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