Are they still here?

Reading the words of a sad song the other day got me thinking.

New babes are born, and as they grow:rosebud 2

We often hear it said that she has her mother’s looks, or his hands are so like his Dad’s, definitely the family nose!

These are in the genes.

Voices, eyes and mannerisms. Easy to understand. Some mannerisms are learnt through years of observing; some happen, and we wonder why?

Why, when you never knew your grandfather. Why do you cross your legs exactly like he did, jiggle your leg up and down, exactly like they remember him doing.

“ Granddad did that!”

So what about when you are alone or lonely. Ever been? No?, you’re fortunate.rose 3
Has this ever happened to you,  that you  feel a presence in the empty room, someone else is there; or see a fleeting flash out on the peripheral of your vision.

Faint, but movement, definite movement. Think someone has entered the room, but look up and, no one is there! Expected someone at the front door because there was a knock, and no one is on the mat, when you rushed to open.

This is often blamed on loneliness.  But is it?

 Is the end of life really the end of everything?

Where do they go? So much energy, talent and strength of character. Gone, never to be forgotten.
Is it really gone forever, or do they live on?dead-rose
Live on, right here with us in different forms, right here and now; helping my fingers type these words.

Part of the keyboard.                                 The odd strand of hair that falls.

Are they…..

.. a petal on the first rosebud in your little garden, which draws you outside one morning.

..entwined in the threads of the bridal outifits you sewed for a wedding that they just missed attending.

..there when you cannot sleep at night, as part of your pillow slip; only wanting to be company.

..the kiss of the breeze that continually touches you cheek as you sit at a side walk cafe.

.. the slight little dimple on your new born babies cheek, that come and goes.

Is this why we twitch our noses, or laugh out long and hard; or maybe you cross our legs and jiggle your foot the way granddad did?

Could Granddad be with us always.

Are they here?

Roses in Bloom



About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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2 Responses to Are they still here?

  1. joanfrankham says:

    we hope they are around, watching over us!

  2. liz2you says:

    Glad to get a response; thanks Joan!

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