Down, Down, Down- Click! – South Africa

So many pictures. So much beauty. Let’s travel the trails of the fabulous South Africa, a country not without it’s scars. Here people cling to hertitage and homelands with a devoted passion. Why? Because it’s absolutely worth it! there are so many stories behind the camera lens.

D for “Drakensberg”

Looking down from heights is not a favourite of mine.  The fear of falling could be blamed.  Therefore why was one of my favourite places to go on holiday in South Africa, the Drakensberg? 

Going up into the mountains, you will have to look down, silly!

Drakensberg A

It must be the majesty of it all, something that much of South Africa has, the enormity and vastness that I love.  The Drakensberg runs along for 600 miles forming the western boundry of Kwazulu- Natal.  Central drakensberg

There is so much to see and do, depending on your preferance.  Hiking, fishing, bird watching and horse trails, are up for grabs.  Taking in the wonderous beauty of this vast nature reserve is mine.

A kind of peace and calmness prevails when I am there.


This time around, we’ll feature Mont- aux- Sources, the highest peak, 10,768ft. 

Now that is looking down!  

The Tugela Falls flow down from here into the Indian Ocean near Durban.


The Tugela falls, is the second highest series of falls in the world.  It consists of five free leaping falls.  I have never been to this part, but have a picture and link here from   Peak High Mountaineering blog, who has. (Thank You!)Tugela-

This area forms part of the Royal Natal National Park, a nature reserve; with accommodation and fabulous views.

Park accomodation

Another place to read up on accommodation in the area, in fact all areas of the Drakensberg, is African Nights.

african nights

Well once again I have enjoyed my journey more than anyone else. 

Enjoyed the scenery and the majestic mountains that are so far from my home now; this is to link with Alphabe Thursday– letter D!


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8 Responses to Down, Down, Down- Click! – South Africa

  1. Charlotte says:


  2. VBR says:

    What a beautiful place. It is so lovely in photos, I can’t even begin to imagine how wonderful it would be to see them in person! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Colline says:

    Stunning mountain views. I miss the majesty of these mountain ranges.

  4. LadyInRead says:

    going to my list of places to see:)
    the Tugela falls look so grand and serene.. thanks

  5. Wow! These are some beautiful photographs…

    These look like some delightful destinations!

    Thanks for linking to the letter “D”.


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