Time Travel- Our Ordinary Day – South Africa

I reblog this in honour of my great Dad, for Father’s Day!

'Work Out' each Day

It was an ordinary day, you were in for an ordinary exploratory procedure, they called it.  You weren’t well and I was pleased that this was being addressed. You hadn’t been eating.

Dad- 40's

It was 1994 then.

I sat by your bed , not knowing what to say; you smiled a twinkle smile that lit your eyes and creased your brow, which was about all that I could see beneath the covers, drawn around you.  You snuggled like a child.

“You alright? I’m sorry that you have to be here.  Really sorry”

“But it’s nice here, the nurses are nice too!” Daddy said with a naughty twinkle.

Wedding Group

I smiled back and kissed your brow.

I didn’t stay long, I knew you were in good hands, you were tired and might sleep a while, and I would return later to hear the results and we could have a good long chat then.

Why didn’t I stay?

Always in a rush to…

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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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