Go East- Click!- South Africa

So many pictures. So much beauty. Let’s travel the trails of the fabulous South Africa, a country not without it’s scars. Here people cling to hertitage and homelands with a devoted passion. Why? Because it’s absolutely worth it! there are so many stories behind the camera lens.

Go East-indeed!  And Durban!  A little bit of India lives there!  Some of the best holiday resorts of South Africa are on the Eastern Coast of South Africa; North and South of Durban.

Duban Slyline

Durban has the largest concentrated Indian population in one city, outside of India. 

70% of the Indian population in Durban are Hindu.  Visit Grey Street, all the tourists do! See colourful wares in their Indian Market.  I can smell the curry from here and hear the background music! Every year when we holidayed at the coast, we had to buy curry powder!  But the magnetic Indian Ocean drew us towards it and soon we lived there!

Spices and curry

Incense burns nearby and a man walks by with a bunny chow for lunch.  If it was Friday you may hear the chanting from the mosque on Grey street, Juma Masjid Mosque, with it’s golden minarettes on top.  It is the largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere.

You will find Grey street where it always was, but it is now called, Doctor Yusuf Dadoo Street.

Travel Pictures Ltd

From as early as 1880, a new and growing Durban area, welcomed the new Indian population and their extended famlies from India, which lies to the East.  A people who were initially brought to Natal by the then British governor, to be farm labourers;  for cutting cane, building railways and to work as domestic servants. 

It wasn’t a great success and those that stayed, became land owners, set up trading stalls, diversified into market gardening and municipal services and by the 1940s the next generation had became the backbone of the emerging industrial working class in Kwazulu-Natal.

Indian Market

The flavour of Durban wouldn’t be Durban today, had the history been different. 

If in 1843 the British hadn’t annexed the then Boer Government who ruled as the ‘Republic of Natalia.’  If the place we know now had never become a colony of Britian, we would never have had  the Bunny Chow!  Now there is a thought! 

The history of the bunny chow is an interesting one too.

Bunny Chow 

Visit Durban, and see the uShaka Sea World, life under the sea.  The Botanical Gardens with with pre dinosaur Cycads.  And if you want a walk on the wild side; the Tala Game Reserve is an hour away.

 Durban and it’s wonderful Indian Ocean.


This is my entry for Jenny’s Alphabe Thursday, letter “E”


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2 Responses to Go East- Click!- South Africa

  1. These a stunning images! Now I’m really looking forward to my annual trip home!

    • liz2you says:

      Great stuff! Wish I could say, see you them, but I am here and you will be there!! Its a time thing, we are trapped in time! Liz

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