Happiness, Hope and Hermanus-Click- S A

So many pictures. So much beauty. Let’s travel the trails of the fabulous South Africa, a country not without it’s scars. Here people cling to hertitage and homelands with a devoted passion. Why? Because it’s absolutely worth it! there are so many stories behind the camera lens.

Hermanus 2

The first time I heard of Hermanus, as a holiday destination was when I read Christiaan Barnard, the heart surgeon’s book, ‘One Life’.  They were a big family, not well off; and he remembered some of his happiest days were spent in the village of  Hermanus in his youth.  Today Hermanus is no longer a village, although the locals still  call it that; it is the whale watching capital of the world.  This is the closest you can watch whales from a land base. in the world.  But Hermanus has managed to retain it’s fishing village atmosphere.  Whale watching

My title is a strange one today.  Explain.  For almost fifty years my happiness was in South Africa.  I write with this in mind, from the heart and memory and research the rest.  Sometimes a South African will say to me, “It’s not like that any more.  Not like before.”

Yesterday I came across a blog post entitled “So much to see, so much to hope for!”, this was from a traveller to South Africa.  And then her fellow blogger wrote:

“I’d live there again in a heartbeat, if there wasn’t so much crime.”

A friend of mine who has just been to South Africa on a three week holiday is considering moving to the Cape soon.  And a neighbour down our street has bought a house there and is emigrating.

So hope there is, happiness many still experience and Hermanus?

Whale tail

Hermanus sports a Whale Crier, who with a kelp horn signals the sighting of whales.  Whales can be seen from boats and cliff tops between June and December, often coming here to give birth to their young.

whale crier.2

When the village was new, the residents built a railway station, but decided not to have the railway line coming into their village past the station, giving others free access and making it too commercial. This is Hermanus Station!


Whales used to be hunted in Betty’s Bay, nearby, many years ago, but are now protected.  There is much to be seen on whales and read in the harbour museum in Hermanus. 

A holiday, still in the mind and not in the planning stage yet, is for me to do the garden route again with my man, and a visit to Hermanus will be included, I’m sure.

Thanks to the two bloggers for the nostalgic reads and borrowed photos:



This is for my H entry in Jennys Alphabe Thursday.


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4 Responses to Happiness, Hope and Hermanus-Click- S A

  1. The Rider says:

    Thanks for the post, love the place, but not it’s traffic jam! Best motorcycle routes in the country, and then breakfast at Mugg & Beane… why do I live so far away?

  2. liz2you says:

    Hey, thanks for visiting! You are under those blue skies every day. Lucky! What shall I write about for I? Done Ixopo, and all the Zulu places that start with I. A place or an event……..

  3. Betty says:

    To be able to see the whales like that must be a pretty amazing experience.

  4. Hermanus looks like a happy place to be!

    Love that quaint station and those blue, blue skies!

    What a beautiful place to spend a day, a week, or a lifetime!

    Thanks for linking.


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