26 Sentences- A-Z. A short story

Written for The Daily Post- 26 Sentences– A-Z

A Short Story.

Attitude was everything to you.

Balance was never a problem when it came to male ego.

Care should have been taken, though, as you strode through life as if you owned the world.

Deep down I knew you cared and that so much was a bravado that you used to hide the insecurities and lack of confidence inside your head.

Even when you swore blind that you were fine; that you were cool; no bastard was going to stand between you and the future you had chosen.

Facts and figures didn’t add up at the end of the day.

God knew then already.

He had a plan too.

Imagine if we were allowed to know the future; would we do things differently and make the changes, hard as they were to do?

Just thinking back now to the day we first met now, you had them eating out of your hand, that audience in the pub.

Kareoke was all that it was, but you made them believe you had a number one hit in some obscure country of the world five years before.

Let’s face it, I must admit it, you were very good and had me falling for you too, because you shone!

My life changed that night forever.

Normally I analyse things, take care and time to make decisions; but I threw myself at your feet that night, at your mercy and now will never be the same again, for knowing you.

Only, as I grew to know you, and may have been the only one who did know you; another person emerged, one who struggled to face the daily grind and deal with the simplest curve balls thrown your way.

Perfection you were not, but oh how you could love!

Quick to lose your temper, as it was always someone else’s fault.

Raging at the world some days because God made you the way you were and hiding behind the bravado so as always to be seen as a hero not a clown.

Small as you felt at times in your other world you disappeared into, you were and still are a hero to many.

There is no passing day when your name is not on someone’s lips.

Until you told us, how you must have suffered, keeping it all to yourself.

Very sorry it had to be that way, but it was always, your way or no way and you wouldn’t be led or guided; attitude to the end.

When I wake each day, over and over, I find out it is indeed true; you are really gone, a candle snuffed out at it’s peak leaving us all struggling in the dark.

Xmas as you chose to call it, against my insistence that the festival was called Christmas, will always be just that now!

You left  us reeling, not accepting that it was your choice in the end.

Zany man indeed, one to be remembered.


About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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3 Responses to 26 Sentences- A-Z. A short story

  1. TBM says:

    What an interesting challenge and I like how you responded.

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