The Circle of Life

Autumn trees

Just as the leaves float away on the breeze, so we are thrown to the wind; or shelved in layers of wood and earth to be forgotten, having served our purpose in this life.  The one sure thing about life, is death.  Some life cycles (or sentences!)are much longer than others.  Trees can live for hundreds of years; but not the leaves, thier time is short.

Some leaves on autumn trees cling on to the very last; battered and bashed by wind and storm, simulating those who grow too frail, suffer so much, but yet the old heart won’t stop beating. leaves3

Why do we cling so to the warm beating heart; because it is the only thing we know about?  Even the smallest insect clings to life and tries to fly again, if grounded or hurt in a storm.

But aging is a funny thing.  Some people are old by the time they reach forty; were never really young!  They are happy to settle down into middle age and make all the preparations for the big day, whenever it should come.  Be prepared!  And they are prepared. (sad people!) These are the leaves that change colour first; the ones we hardly notice, as they slip away from this world.  They may be first to go, but still made their mark.  Or did they?

leaf 2

I’d see myself as one of the rather flamboyant leaves, that keeps very busy rustling around the others in the tree, making sure all the work that needs to be done is happening.  Lovely co-ordinating colours of reds, yellows and oranges; needing to draw the eye (therefore writing a blog!), dismissing the fact that it is a sad time, just an extention of what has to be. A curly colourful leaf , merrily drifting on the wind; landing and dancing with a hop, a skip and a jump along the pavement, refusing to stick in the hedge or dash under a car wheel like a loser; but fly, fly high, that would be me, never give up. Alive till the end.


And yet time marches, marches and the next generation are showing signs of greying hair, flabby waistlines and tired eyes.  I so wish I could stop it for them!  Time flies they say, and yes, I’d like to stay. 


Of course I would; stay and see how the next best thing to Cameron and Obama continues to make mistakes that are forgiven.  Stay and see my childrens childrens children nag parents for the latest new communication tool. (Perhaps they won’t need to, it may be implanted at birth!) Stay and see an aging Simon Cowell doing TV ads to earn a quid or two.

The progression of the circle of life will not permit this; throw me to the wind. 

I must fly!

Part of Free Write Friday. #FWF


About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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4 Responses to The Circle of Life

  1. Colline says:

    Many of us would like to stay – to see our children and grandchildren fulfil their lives. Instead I hope to be one of those bright red leaves that bring joy to the lives that I do touch while alive.

    • liz2you says:

      Indeed, you will be, as I will live to fight and fight to live, all the time believing I have more to do!
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. I absolutely love how you related yourself to a leaf. And the idea of it all being separate. Made me consider ourselves as leaves and the tree is the universe. Or maybe even God. We have a place for a time until we move on and are replaced. Someone else’s turn to ride the seasons of life.
    Simply amazing.

  3. liz2you says:

    Thanks Kellie! I did also wonder if there is more to this. Since writing this, I wondered about the leaves next season, they must have the ‘genes’ of the leaf that grew in that same spot!! The children!

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