Time Travel and Tall Ships

Maybe my wish had come true and I was on the way, but the calendar says 1682? It hung at an angle just visible, against the dark wooden beams of the old ship.porthole

What was I doing in the bowels of this ship as it rolled and creaked beneath me? From a small porthole all I can see is sea and a sunset sky as an orange ball of light prepares to drop into the ocean. Soon it will be dark, I panic. I run to the stairs right at one end and there is daylight above me.

If it was that my wish was granted and I had arrived, I would know instantly when I reached the deck. I stopped on the bottom rung of the stairs and turned back to the calendar, 1682?

That wasn’t my wish, taking time travel to a new level! Another date sprung to mind, one I had learnt about during my happy go lucky school days. Then the hot sun browned our skins as we ran barefoot and carefree, proud of our country and where we were going.

That was my wish, to go back to those days when I never had a care in the world. Not 1682? Back to when the summers were long and sultry; when cosmos grew underfoot in the autumn and you heard the buzz of cicadas at sunset. When we sat out late on the front veranda, on a school night, and the children played on the lawn in the moonlight, as the braai fire still glowed and our tummies were full to bursting, sipping the last glass of Cape wine. That was not in 1682!

If it was 1682 and I was back in South Africa; then Jan van Riebeeck, who landed in the Cape to build a fort and plant vegetables in 1652 may not have had time to make wine yet. There would be no verandas, no English speaking people there, only Dutch and no wine!

30 years? How long do grapes take to mature to be used for winemaking? Oh no! And it’s sunset, so, no sun downer time!

I had to climb the stairs anyway to find out; who knows it may be an old calendar! (Loving the way the positive always comes to the fore with me!)

I could feel the heat and a film of sweat break out on my face and neck as I ascended towards the light at the top of the stairs…. then I woke with the morning sun streaming into my room from behind the blind.

I was still in England and it was 2014. Still sadly, I didn’t get even a glimpse of the Indian Ocean from the deck, or sip a sun downer; however on the plus side………….. there would be wine in the kitchen downstairs for later!

This was written for a prompt from Kellie’s: Free Write Friday- “Time and Place”  and lent to Jenny’s- Alphabe Thursday- Letter T.


About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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17 Responses to Time Travel and Tall Ships

  1. Colline says:

    An lovely way to have a bit of a history lesson Liz 🙂

  2. joanfrankham says:

    So glad you woke up before you got thirsty! lovely story

  3. Great story and a wonderful history lesson for this Yank!

    • liz2you says:

      You see, to learn more; for many years before 1652, ships had passed the cape point and men were beginning to die of scurvy because of a lack of the right food products we need to stay alive. That was how Cape Town, South Africa got on the map!!! Well it was always on the map, but now it was the place to stop and fill up with goodies. Thanks for commenting! Liz

  4. Ah love this piece of history and imagery…I enjoyed reading this.

  5. It was a surprising treat to see several of you give us a history lesson within your pieces. Thank you so much! Completely enjoyed!

  6. TBM says:

    It’s always fun to have a “living” history lesson. it really sinks in.

  7. seanbidd says:

    Not until 1820 for some family in SA, 1682 is getting back. History spreads itself thin sometimes. Why did you choose a dream approach, rather than actually being there to experience (just wondering)? A top piece of exploration in writing inside of history, and the pondering, painted in colours.

    • liz2you says:

      Dream I do about going back; 50 great years in the most amazing country, which is sadly not the same place anymore. It’s feels like so long ago. That’s why I was sad to not have a glimpse of my beloved Indian Ocean, where I used to sit for hours and watch the waves. Yep 1820 settlers, learnt all about them too!! Thanks for commenting! Liz

  8. ahhh…wine makes everything better!

  9. Betty says:

    I’d want to wake up too if it was 1862! That’s a little too far back for me. I wouldn’t mind a short ride on a tall ship though.

  10. Intriguing slice of life…I for one rather like my 2014♪ Visiting form Alphabe-Thursday. http://lauriekazmierczak.com/this-is-my-fathers-world/

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