Dallas and Material Girl- must be 1980’s

My prompt to write this was picked up eavesdropping a facebook conversation.  Naughty!  Remember those evenings when the world could have ended during the 50 minutes of viewing Dallas and no one would have noticed. 


“Dallas is on!!”  You knew anyway with that signature tune!

It always ended with a cliffhanger as JR the greedy scheming oil tycoon weaved his way amongst the beautifully dressed woman; anyone other than his beautiful wife, Sue Ellen!  Some of us loved him, and others hated him.

 sue ellen

Yes it seems like yesterday!  When, if you couldn’t get home on time, hopefully someone else would tape it for you on the old video machine.

Who didn’t love Bobby?  You just had to.. maybe not the hairstyle?


Dallas ran from 1978 to 1991, there were 14 seasons and 357 episodes; was that all?


Sadly ‘the hero’, JR died in Nov 2012. Rest in Peace Larry Hagman, without him there wouldn’t have been a story. As well as his real wife and children, Bobby and Sue Ellen were by his side.

 Bobby 2 and JR

Who can forget the beautiful outfits they wore, and the bright colourful scenes at Southfork parties attended by all the Ewings friends and foes.  The colours in the eighties were bright, even in Scottburgh, South Africa.

Scottburgh Beach There some teenage girls down on the beach, dreamed of dressing up in those gorgeous clothes, flying to Dallas, becoming an actress or singing like Madonna. (click)


 Thanks go to Lorimar production company for photos.



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Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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