How The Mighty Have Fallen

FWF-Prompt to the story in this picture:

 Well it was always gonna happen, wasn’t it , I mean it’s known as pride before a fall when I was brought up.

She would just not shut up! It was liberty this, liberty that, power to the people, autonomy and womans lib.  And this to her citizens when she hardly ever wore a skirt.

Not like our lady.  She stood for…….., she stood for……well she stood and she stood in the wind and the cold, through snow and blizzard.  Been there forever!  Nobody cared, the politicians spoke of freedom for all and lied through their teeth, just like that lot before them!

In any case why they ever voted in a female president, you ask yourself!!  Nothing has been right since, this countries allys have changed, the morals and the respect shown to those who went before us.

What happened to learning from your history; well, quite simple, today’s kids don’t do history at school any more!  It’s Economics, Computer Science or environmental research and ‘save the trees in the world garbage!’

Nothing can be taught to a bunch of “we know everything morons”  They never learned even the basics, but are so busy dressing up, drinking at the trendiest sky tavern with friends, buying the latest talk tablets or upgrading to the fastest flymobile.  All knowledge of old fashioned gun powder and even who invented it was totally lost to them; as far from them as the where abouts of their Great Grandfather’s grave.

She, “The Her”, that rules our country has the blokes crawling round her fashionable feet, (all well educated with everything certificated in cloud based files, all except History!)  Yes,  she has been taught a lesson now trusting ‘the enemy’.  Back to the school books Darling President with all your lackey’s, see if this error can ever be re-erected.  How the mighty have fallen at the feet of the world.

How did this happen and nobody noticed it was coming!



About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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3 Responses to How The Mighty Have Fallen

  1. Funny we have nearly the same title!! Love the strident voice in this one.

  2. liz2you says:

    Yes it is easy to think this way. We respect and rely on the super powers judgement. But should we? I’ll check yours out. Thanks. Liz

  3. aloha Liz2You. it seems to me that you’ve taken your response to this image into your own sphere. your own frame of reference. to me that is a place we can each write from with our own knowledge and experience as source. and yet also connect with others in universal ways. i like that. aloha.

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