Why I Think Joburg Rocks

It’S been a while since my last visit, but still has that draw of home, when you step off the plane. After 50 years, my childhood and beyond, memories remain ‘unscathed.’

Sadly Joburg isn’t. I owe a visit, brother dear!! Soon.

Jacques work, not mine……


Soccer City- Google images

Contrary to common belief, there are some people who actually love Joburg. I am one of those people. This blog post was birthed from a few engagements I have had over time with friends who live in Cape Town and Durban. Every once in a while when I have posted something to Facebook or Twitter about what a beautiful day it is in Joburg, someone from the coast replies and says “all you need is the ocean, Cape Town rocks”. Cape Tonians think there is a silent stigma that accompanies people who live in Joburg. They believe we are suffering here and that all we do is wish upon Table Mountain. Allow me to paint a picture of why I think Joburg rocks.

Northern Suburbs – Google images

Firstly, Johannesburg really is beautiful. In summer everything is green, the Jacaranda’s are in full bloom and the…

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