Moonstruck Piano

The evening had been planned for months and Murial was at last going to have a chance to perform; a chance to play her piano for friends and family.  It was her wish and she had been practicing for weeks since she had returned home. FWF

Murial watched from her verandah chair as the four sturdy men with trolleys and skill moved her piano out onto the grass.  This was also her wish.  To be able to share her music with nature and the skies.   It was carefully covered over in readiness for the performance the following day.  The perfect lawns were mowed and prepared for the garden party, one that the towns people were all invited to; one they would never forget.

In the morning the caterers would arrive, and all would be done by mid afternoon.  Then crowds would come, then Murial would be carried down to her piano and play for her life.

Her staff prepared to move Murial to bed as the sun began to sink behind the trees.

“You need your rest Mam!  Tomorrow will be here before you know it!”

But for Murial, tomorrow never came.  Her medical staff reported that she had passed away peacefully in her sleep.  The family grieved, saddened more by the fact that she didn’t get her last wish.  Well one of her last wishes…

The crowds came and the party went on as planned.  They gathered around the gleaming piano, but no one played.  Murial wasn’t there.  They drank champagne and toasted there absent hostess.  A party to live on in their memory forever.

After the last stragglers had shuffled off home and all the visiting family had gone to bed.   Across the lawn she came, through a gathering mist towards the piano; and she played for all the night creatures, she played for the rising moon and she played like she had never played before.

They didn’t bring her piano back into the house; it seemed fitting to leave it out with nature, as Murial had wanted.  And still on a misty night, before the rise of the moon, the villagers say strains of her music can be heard through the trees and filling the night skies…..

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About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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5 Responses to Moonstruck Piano

  1. A sad, haunting story. The way you wrote, I can still her playing the piano long after I read the post. Beautiful and captivating!

  2. phylor says:

    A bittersweet tale.
    I think her best performances were those played for all of nature on misty nights.

  3. Colline says:

    Such a sad story – and yet, she gets her wish to play to nature. Nice one Liz.

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