Perfect Day-Every Day

The day was absolutely perfect!

How many times do you hear people say that; and it probably was from their perspective.  Which is fair enough, but there are always small flaws.  There are and they all know it!  And you know it.

Take four different weddings: Groom drops the ring; it poured with rain; the main course was awful;master of ceremonies got drunk, but it was an absolutely perfect day, they say!

What makes a day perfect?

If all goes in the direction that you are comfortable with and all around you are content (or seem content from your perspective) then I guess it is near perfect.  Because you cannot be inside everyone else’s head, OK, the day was perfect.

It’s about finding good, making it  be what you want it to be; having a cup half full, being content with your lot.

So what is wrong with Mondays? 

Back to work day, it always gets a bad name, when Friday rules as the best working day of the week. But if positive speaks and gets you on it’s side…then everyday can be a good day.  You would have a good week under your belt by Friday.

It’s up to you.

Monday is perfect- for getting you back to routine and making you focus again.

Tuesday is perfect- because you had a practice run on Monday, and it runs so smoothly this time.

Wednesday is perfect – because the week is half way already!!

Thursday is perfect – my favourite day- Whew! I know there are still two days left to get things done before weekend.

Friday is perfect – because the restful weekend is around the corner.

Saturday is perfect- Party day! and pretend you are on holiday and it will never end…..

Sunday is perfect – A slow, family day, but perfect in every way.

Make every day- A Perfect Day-

(From your perspective.)

Alphabe Thursday- letter P


About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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5 Responses to Perfect Day-Every Day

  1. Sue Anderson says:

    Enjoyed your perfect day perspective.


  2. shani says:

    Great way to look at the week ahead and gone.
    Positivity will take you a long way!

  3. Judie says:

    Your perfect “P” post is one that I wish I could remember every single day!

  4. liz2you says:

    It is so easy to drift into, “What a terrible day this has been!! but we should pick out the positives, and say, “well at least that went right, or was fun!”
    Thanks for visiting Judie.

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