Great, Grand , Gorgeous and Good

My New Year’s Blessings are much the same as last year; and I am especially Grateful for all of mine! Bright eyes, Great smiles and Gorgeous looks! Proud Grandmother even if the “selfie” obsession is so unflattering these days!

Happy New Year!



Grandchildren are my blessings; little people who carry my Genes into the future, bad habits and Good!

mel 2014

Mel 2014 2

Give you hugs, give you Gifts and an abundance of love; such a joy to see them grow and take their rightful place in society, as new adventurous, interesting and Grown up real people.

Isabelle Dec 2Isabelle doing tree

Interesting accents develop, as they  hear the world around them loud and clear.

I once marvelled at my own children, commenting to my father one day on the phone; “So small but everything works!”

Early Christmas Present

Their achievements, hobbies and love of different sports will change as they find their niche in life; all this develops and adds to the personalities they will become.Matthew


We have budding fishermen, golfers, writers and footballers, runners and engineers, or even; ” I could even be a farmer or a builder, cause I don’t want to go to the office like Dad”



Party Girl

Wherever life leads you all, I hope that wisdom helps you choose the right way, the Good way; so that your parents Glow with pride.


GG and BoysThank you for your help this week, Kids!

My “G” entry for Alphabe Thursday


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One Response to Great, Grand , Gorgeous and Good

  1. shani lea says:

    Thanks That Was beautiful To read and reminded me of those wonderful little people that I am so lucky to have in my life.

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