Valentines Day- Non Event

For a small minority in town – Valentine’s Day matters.  It is so discriminatory!th2BKMUQRH


For the rest of us who are anti the special ‘lovey dovey’ day, be it for commercial reasons, ‘past all that crap’, reasons or the simple fact that we are better going it alone and happy that way; what a heap of broken hearts are we!

Commercially speaking it makes loads of money for superstores, restaurants and flower shops, while eating holes in the pockets of some poor unsuspecting suitor who knows he/she has to make the purchase or loose out on the partner.

Discriminatory! and a waste of good money.  Love should not have a price tag!

So what side of the fence are you on, I say what a waste of red ink!

I also say, that there is no such thing as a broken heart, as such, it a kick in the butt of your ego that is the worst pain.  The fact that you believed in someone and trusted them.

Perhaps you were at fault too, perhaps you ‘sat’ on your butt a bit too much and put nothing into the relationship, ever thought of that?  Or perhaps you ache because you tried too hard, always gave 120% and perhaps it is actually going too OTT, over the top.  That’s your feelings that hurt, not your heart!

However, there are so many others out there who have personal and private  reasons why Valentine’s day hurts.  You be strong!

And for the minority, Happy Valentines Day!

Pink Hearts


About liz2you

Life just happens when you plan something else. 50 years spent in Africa and relevant stories.
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3 Responses to Valentines Day- Non Event

  1. shanileas says:

    Or you can just drag each other through the mud for a 5km adverture run, clumbing, crawling and splashing through the Ice Cold in whatever the elements throw your way. And once you’ve made it together the feeling of success, love and happiness far out weighs the flowers, chocolates, restaurants and fluffy toys that line the pockets of others. Those things are not going to give you the feeling of true love for each other rather a feeling of being out of pocket. If you can get through that mud together, clean yourselves up and carry on then you know you are truly in Love.

    • liz2you says:

      That is such a beautiful similarity to true love, wonderful words Shani!! Enjoy you day battling the mud and the ups and downs of love, so Happy Mud day!!

  2. liz2you says:

    Reblogged this on 'Work Out' each Day and commented:

    Just in time- Happy Valentines Day!

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