Stories of fifty years spent in Africa.
Life is something that happens when you have planned something else! How true that is; on the pages of this blog, everyday travels, events and fun combine with real people emotions.

Laurie Lee once wrote, that a wasted memory not only destroys, but can deny your very existence; also, that the urge ‘to write’ might indicate a fear of death, or the need to leave messages behind for others.

This is not my only reason for writing today, mmmmm, I love it too!

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10 Responses to About

  1. Charlotte says:

    Did you write this, and the one on Africa.
    If you did, I don’t think I know you….it sounds so grand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. liz2you says:

    Of course, you can’t see inside my head! That would be a worry!
    There is so much to do and so little time.

  3. Shani says:

    Yes Far too little time

  4. maenamor says:

    what a fantastic blog ….

    • liz2you says:

      Thank you very much.
      My heart and life goes into most of it.
      Unfortunately I have begun writing daily on the other blog and my family stuff is suffering.
      Thanks for visiting.

  5. Hi! Thanks for following my blog. Which also introduced me to your blog, and I can see that’s there’s hours of good stuff here. Can’t wait to dig in. Nice to meet you!

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  7. I spent 4 days in Cape Town this past June and loved it! I couchsurfed with a very nice couple, who picked me up at the airport. Actually, they had a guest room, so I didn’t need to sleep on their couch. I went on to spend 35 days on an overland truck through 5 additional countries and camp for 26 nights…quite an adventure! They say once you’ve been to Africa, there’s a part of you that stays! 🙂

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