Candid Confession

elephant-borderWhy don’t we write more about the real things of life.
Shying away from the fact that they exist is only trying to hide.
Yes, the daily grind is all we seem to do, just keep going to stay on top. No time to think.
People’s lives often revolve around so much emotional turmoil as well, that there is never a dull moment to dig deep down inside the mind.
How do you really feel today?

Take the time to analyse, study, meditate. You may be surprised.

“To wake one night in a vast building of which only one part is your home, your cell of tranquillity and realize that you are the only living breathing mortal within those walls is frightening. Not tranquil at all.
What if the world should end and no one told you. You’d be alone, die alone – but are we not, all of us alone when we die?”

When we do have moments like this, in the middle of the night, could we write down what crawls through our minds? What keeps us awake for hours? The things we don’t talk about?

It’s easy to write about awkward moments to sensationalise, like;
Picking your nose and getting caught by the good looking and (oh no!) single neighbour across the landing.
Dropping your handbag on the bus, horrors, with everyone viewing the contents.

But all of us have experienced the unmentionables from time to time. The balance of nature seems to see to that.
At some choosen moment you are given your own time in the limelight, be it, ever so good, or painful agony.

Can you write about it? The thoughts that keep you awake? Your fears? Fixations?
Can you share them?

I dare you.

You may as well, as you are awake now!


2 Responses to Candid Confession

  1. Awesome!!! I’ve been working hard to expand my writing, and this piece came at the exact right time that I needed it. Thanks so much for the inspiration. And that’s how I really feel today! 🙂

  2. liz2you says:

    At that time I was struggling with the fact that I had the time, but feared and was a little dubious as to how much one can confess, even on paper.
    Some of mine have never been outside a laptop……

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