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Time and Place – Vanished

Late summer. You’re wandering, lost in the woods. You come across a gypsy wagon, and you call out…”hello?” “Helloooo!!!” There I was, being nosy again!  Anyone else would have walked on by, even if they were lost.  If there was … Continue reading

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Moonstruck Piano

The evening had been planned for months and Murial was at last going to have a chance to perform; a chance to play her piano for friends and family.  It was her wish and she had been practicing for weeks … Continue reading

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My Childhood Room

I was 51 before I had a bedroom of my own in my own place, and that was sadly, purely by accident.    When you were the middle daughter, there was no way that it was ever going to happen.  Me to … Continue reading

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Feel the Fire Fade

Be it campfire or a dream, a nightmare or more, this flame won’t be ceased As red and gold it glows. Remembering the nights, in dark we were together, the flaming glow of peace Though far apart at night The … Continue reading

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Personification- Standing on the Corner

Molly loved me from the moment that we met, I could see it in her eyes. It was the third time we had met at the corner shop, she was punctual. I liked that!  I knew she’d come, she couldn’t get … Continue reading

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How The Mighty Have Fallen

FWF-Prompt to the story in this picture:  Well it was always gonna happen, wasn’t it , I mean it’s known as pride before a fall when I was brought up. She would just not shut up! It was liberty this, liberty … Continue reading

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A Housewifes Work is Never Done- A Lesson

I’m sure she stood beside me in my grief, each wracking sob she felt, and knew no way to make it stop.  It was dark outside, I couldn’t sleep, the weight lay heavy in my chest, a broken heart? I … Continue reading

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The Circle of Life

Just as the leaves float away on the breeze, so we are thrown to the wind; or shelved in layers of wood and earth to be forgotten, having served our purpose in this life.  The one sure thing about life, … Continue reading

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Was I too late?- 2

I was rooted to the spot… Now was a time of reflection… Should I have stayed afterwards and supported his decision, even if it was old fashioned?  He hadn’t known how to live alone, be alone.  Of course there were the servants, … Continue reading

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Was I Too Late?

What had taken me so long!   Now as I drove along the narrow tarred road which disappeared into the distance, I couldn’t believe it.  The acceleration and angst to get there transferred to my right leg, and tall lengths of … Continue reading

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