lightHe lay there, his limbs contorted in the last throes of death.
I had told him,
“Don’t do it.
It was too high, but on he went, into the light. Determined he was, as the sound of traffic hummed in the distance.
I said,
“Mate, you could get a serious sunburn like that, even third degree burns, at worst.”
But not this, oh no, not this! One side of him was badly disfigured. It was painful to watch and know that there was nothing I could do.
Thank God I was still in the water as it had a calming effect. A life ebbed away in front of me, with a future out there somewhere now never to be.
An important life.
I lay back, after the twitching ceased, and let the warm bath water soothe me. If only I had replaced the cover on the ceiling light last night, the wasp could have lived.


2 Responses to Demise

  1. Tammy says:

    Love it!

  2. Shani says:

    Enjoyed that. I went back and read it again just to make sure that you were talking about the wasp.Had a good chukkle then.

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