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‘Ghosts’ of Africa- Click- South Africa

After reading the quote below, I have the answer now, to what haunts me! It’s like living with a spirit within you- A Ghost. It says “Author Unknown”, but the way it is written looks like a traslation to me, … Continue reading

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Time Travel – Veld surprise- South Africa

It had been a year since I had seen Don; a friend and lover and even earlier, often my stalker. He was never ashamed to admit it. We hadn’t planned on spending this long apart. It was cruicial that we … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured 2

“… I heard them before I saw them, bright, colourful swaying images way down the road to the right. African women, plastic containers of water on their heads tilting this way and that, in single file, happy voices carrying across the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured 1

Just as the mountains climb skywards, so does the grapevine cling and twine around all that is this, a colourful South Africa.  The earth here is swept with seasons that run into each other and a diversity of nationalities who build the textures only experienced … Continue reading

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In the ‘line out’ the ball can go either way.

  We all have choices in life, this way or that.  There are no rules, not like the game of rugby, where even the referee has a say in direction. Yes, in rubgy sometimes the choice is made for you by a … Continue reading

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Five Senses – Take Me Back.

What do you remember about life before you were six? So much of it gets confused with what you have been told by your parents, big sisters, aunts and uncles. Are they really your own memories in the end? Touch … Continue reading

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Journey’s Return

He was born in Rotunda Hospital , Dublin in 1913. A firstborn son to Helen and Charles Henry Finlay. Just another Irish boy, who would always uphold his ancestory with pride. But he was not just any Irish boy, to … Continue reading

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Shades of Autumn

  It is time, 2011. The appearance of curly, red-brown leaves on an uncut lawn drew my attention first. They may have been gathering there for a couple of days, who knows. I noticed some more rustling together under the … Continue reading

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Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String

BROWN PAPER PACKAGES TIED UP WITH STRING!! Sound of Music? No. But it does have an ‘old’ ring to it. Hey, but sometimes we have to be reminded of the way it was, so that you can appreciate what we … Continue reading

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The Evening of the Census

It was the evening of the census. It was 2011 and my feet were firmly embedded in the rich moist soil of Essex, England. The winter, which seemed to have taken forever, was drawing to a close. Wilting daffodils bowed … Continue reading

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