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Valentines Day- Non Event

For a small minority in town – Valentine’s Day matters.  It is so discriminatory!   For the rest of us who are anti the special ‘lovey dovey’ day, be it for commercial reasons, ‘past all that crap’, reasons or the simple fact that … Continue reading

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Feel the Fire Fade

Be it campfire or a dream, a nightmare or more, this flame won’t be ceased As red and gold it glows. Remembering the nights, in dark we were together, the flaming glow of peace Though far apart at night The … Continue reading

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A Housewifes Work is Never Done- A Lesson

I’m sure she stood beside me in my grief, each wracking sob she felt, and knew no way to make it stop.  It was dark outside, I couldn’t sleep, the weight lay heavy in my chest, a broken heart? I … Continue reading

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